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Published: Jan 12, 2020 | Revised: Jan 26, 2024
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Rusie Dutton Training in Bangkok | Siam Health Culture Center

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The Siam Health Culture Center (SHCC), founded in 2001 by Mr. Takai and located in Bangkok, is a specialist in Rusie Dutton Thai Yoga training. The center is primarily active in Thailand and Japan, but also in Laos, Vietnam, India, France, Germany and the UK.

Although the website is in Japanese and primarily focused on Japanese students it’s certainly worthwhile to learn a bit more about SHCC because they exclusively give Rusie Dutton (Reusi Dat Ton) training and are obviously dedicated to the art.

The training center offers Rusie Dutton basic, advanced, master, and super master training courses. Reusi Datton teacher training is integrated in the courses. As the courses in Thailand are mostly attended by Japanese students, you’ll find the majority of certified instructors (currently more than 300) teaching in Japan.

Rusie Dutton Basic Course

This foundation course is composed of 43 poses aimed at beginners, which includes sitting, lying, and standing positions.

The program duration is 15 hours.

Rusie Dutton Advanced Course

This Advanced Course is offers 59 poses in sitting, lying, and standing positions. Prerequisite for the course is the Basic Course as mentioned above.

Students who pass the practical test after completing this course are authorized to teach the SHCC Basic Course and can obtain a SHCC “Basic Teacher” or “Certified Basic Teacher ” license.

The program duration is 20 hours.

Rusie Dutton Master Course

Those who have completed the Master Course will be able to work at the forefront of the SHCC as certified teachers.

It’s setup as a Rusie Dutton training camp that takes place in a nature-rich environment in the northernmost province of Thailand.

The course is open for anyone who has completed the SHCC Rusie Dutton Basic Course and the SHCC Rusie Dutton Advanced Course and has a track record of activities for a certain period of time.

The program duration is 35 hours.

Rusie Dutton Super Master Course

On top of the regular Master Course SHCC also offers a Super Master Course which takes 20 days and can accommodate maximum two students at a time.

The emphasizes of this course is creating top teachers with a special focus on promoting mental and physical balance of the practitioners.

The course is open for those who have completed the courses mentioned above, have a track record of activities for a certain period, and have passed the interviews conducted by SHCC before attending the course.

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