Sib Sen Knowledge Compared to Yoga Nadis

Published: Sep 21, 2023 | Revised: Jan 9, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Sib Sen Documentation and Knowledge Compared to Yoga Nadis

There can be no doubt that when you study the history and origins of the Sen Sib Energy Lines in Thai Massage and Thai Traditional Medicine that you come to the conclusion that the Sen Sib are intimately based on knowledge of the Indian Yoga Nadis.

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Moreover, historically, the Nadi Energy Channel paradigm largely predates Sen Lines theory. Nevertheless, when you look at the documentation and descriptions of both systems it becomes rapidly clear that the Sen Lines system is much better described than the Nadi Energy Channels. But how is such possible?

You see, India is a much bigger country, with much more people, and with a longer documented history than Thailand, and, for instance, Ayurveda Medicine is well-described, into the very fine detail. Yoga practices and exercises from India are likewise well and plenty documented, but the core concept of Nadi Prana Energy Channels, and their functions, trajectories, locations, branches and extensions are rather poorly documented compared to the Sen Sib Energy Lines.

Well, perhaps this is not completely true. The first three principal Nadis, that is, Ida Nadi, Pingala Nadi, and Sushumna Nadi are well described; how and where they run through the body, their function, and how and with what techniques to work on/with them. But that’s about it. Moreover, the many classical Yoga scriptures have during centuries emphasized that these three Nadis are the most important Nadis to work with, basically disregarding the other main Nadis.

However, when you look at the history of the Sen Lines, you’ll see that they have only been documented around 1800 CE, about 200 years ago, during the reconstruction of the old temple grounds of Wat Pho, with the purpose that the temple would function as a repository of Thai medical knowledge.

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The above was the result of the destruction of the old Thai capital of Ayutthaya by Burmese invaders in 1767, and the creation of the new Thai capital in Bangkok. King Rama I then ordered the creation of a repository of medical knowledge that had been destroyed, or never registered. The practice of inscribing traditional medicinal knowledge on the walls of the temples and in books started from this period.

So, what we can observe is that knowledge of the Sen Sib was most probably never registered in writing before, but orally transferred from master to student (and kept secret within a lineage), and so on, what was the common way of preserving knowledge in those days in Asia. This may be the reason that detailed knowledge of the Yoga Nadis was never written down in India as there hadn’t been a similar threat of losing their knowledge and culture.

In short, the above is a very possible reason for the lack of more comprehensive (written) details about the principal Nadis. Or, perhaps, there has never really been any interest other than in the three major Nadis (Ida, Pingala, and Susumna). By contrast, in the Thai Sen Line system all ten Energy Lines are considered important.

Whatever may be, today it seems that the in-depth knowledge about Nadi pathways, locations, endpoints, and functions about the major Nadis other then the three principal ones has been lost, or, if it still exists is kept highly secret by a select number of Indian Yogis.

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