The Best Thai Yoga Reusi Datton Courses in Chiang Mai

Published | Updated June 8, 2020

The Best Thai Yoga Reusi Datton Courses in Chiang Mai
Traditional Thai Yoga or Ruesi Datton (Rue-Si Dat Ton) is an ancient form of Thai Healing bodywork. Reusi Datton is a set of bodywork activities consisting of (yogic) stretches, self-massage techniques, breathing exercises, and a variety of sustained poses and sequences to be done standing, sitting, or lying.

In Thailand, and across the world, Reusi Datton gradually reemerges on the Thai Healing Arts stage. It’s not only benificial for the practitioner, but also very beautiful art-work combining the flow and gracefulness of Traditional Thai Dance, Thai Massage, and Indian Yoga.

Reusi Datton training in Thailand is mainly offered in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, yet in Chiang Mai, there are more schools and teachers than in Bangkok offering training courses.

Below we’ll discuss some of the best Reusi Datton (Thai Yoga) Training centers in Chiang Mai. That is, we’ll look at schools that offer more than just an introduction or a daily warm-up before the Thai Massage class.

Loi Kroh Massage School & Yoga

Loi Kroh is perhaps the training center with the longest history of Reusi Dat Ton training in Chiang Mai. Master teacher Coocky Tassanee Boonsom offers a training program of 200 poses, divided up in 4 training levels of 50 poses and sequences. The school asks students to practice each level for a minimum of 6 months before enrolling for a next level at the school. Loi Kroh also offers an Instructor Training program for all Reusi Datton levels.

Chiangmai Classic Art Thai Massage

The Chiangmai Classic Art Thai Massage School offers a one-day course of 8 hours consisting of 108 poses. It sounds somewhat bizarre that one would learn 108 poses in just 1 day, and it is. Nevertheless, the school has a solid reputation for its Ruesi Datton Training. My advice would be to take and re-take the course several times. A Reusi Datton Teacher Training program is available also.

Jongrak Massage School

The Jongrak Massage School in Chiang Mai is strong in Lanna Folk Healing Arts training and offers a combined Thai Massage & Russie Dutton (Thai Yoga) 80 hours course.

Lanna Thai Massage

The Lanna Thai Massage Traditional Medical School offers a Reusi Dat Ton (they name it Rusie Dotton) Thai Yoga workshop of one day (6 hours). Not many training hours, but at least a specialized workshop worthwhile trying.

Ong’s Thai Massage

Ong’s Thai Massage School offers two Ruesi Dat Ton courses: a Thai Yoga Rusie Dutton course of 2 days and a Thai Yoga Rusie Dutton Advanced 90 Positions course which takes 5 days to complete. Ong also offers a Thai Yoga Instructor Training program.

Timmy’s Thai Massage

Timmy’s Thai Massage Training Center offers Thai Yoga (she calls it Reusri Dat Ton) courses and workshops from 1 up to 5 days on request.

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