Finding Thai Yoga Reusi Datton Schools in Thailand and Across the Globe

Published | Updated November 25, 2018
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Reusi Datton statue at Wat Pho temple grounds in Bangkok

Finding a Thai Yoga (Reu-Si Datton) school or teacher in Thailand or anywhere else in the world, can be a daunting task.

There are three key reasons for it being rather difficult:
1).  There aren’t that many (in-depth) Reu-Si Datton training courses;
2).  Thai Massage is often called Thai Yoga (making it hard to differentiate between Thai Massage and Reusi Datton courses);
3).  The phonetic translation of the Thai description “ท่าฤาษีดัดตน” into “Reu-Si Dat Ton”.

The problem with the last (point 3) is the conversion of the Thai alphabet into the Latin alphabet.

Although there is a standardized romanized spelling for the Thai language available, it’s still not widely used, and Thai is thereby often translated in a more or less phonetic manner accordingly.

Translating “ท่าฤาษีดัดตน” (which literally would mean something like “The Contortionist Postures of the Hermit” and phonetically sounds like “Reu-Si Datton” ) results into:

Rusie Dutton
Rusie Datton
Rusie Dat-ton
Lusie Dutton
Lusie Datton
Rusie Dotton
Reusi Da Ton
Reusi Dat Ton
Rue-Si Dat Ton
Rue-Si Datton
Reusi Datton
Ruesri Dat Ton
Ruesri Datton
Rue Sri Dut Ton
Rusri Datton
Ru Si Datton
Rue See Dat Ton
Rue See Dut Ton
Rue See Dad Ton
Rasi Daton
Rasueri Dat Ton
Lucy Dutton

Moreover, in the West some describe Reu-Si Datton as Thai Yoga, Thai Rishi Yoga, Thai Monk Stretching or Thai Ascetic Self-Stretching, thereby further complicating the matter.

However, when we’ve finally found a school or teacher, another problem arises: there are very different styles of (doing) Reu-Si Datton, which is further differentiated by sharing 15, 18, 80, 127 or even more postures and exercises in various time-spans.

Also, most of the Reu-Si Datton teaching is done in a “classes way” (like for instance taking a Hatha Yoga class). There are in fact just a very small amount of real courses and most of them hardly take more then 1 or 2 days. Schools and teachers offering an extensive, in-depth course in Reu-Si Datton are still the big exception.

But maybe it’s all for the best—in a way it keeps authentic Reu-Si Dat Ton relatively safe from commercializing into unrecognizable features. And that already is worth a lot nowadays—to say the least.

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