Finding Thai Yoga Reusi Datton Schools in Thailand and Across the Globe

Published | Updated February 6, 2019

Reusi Datton statue at Wat Pho temple grounds in Bangkok

Finding a Thai Yoga (Reu-Si Datton) school or teacher in Thailand or anywhere else in the world, can be a daunting task.

There are three key reasons for it being rather difficult:
1).  There aren’t that many (in-depth) Reu-Si Datton training courses;
2).  Thai Massage is often called Thai Yoga (making it hard to differentiate between Thai Massage and Reusi Datton courses);
3).  The phonetic translation of the Thai description “ท่าฤาษีดัดตน” into “Reu-Si Dat Ton”.

The problem with the last (point 3) is the conversion of the Thai alphabet into the Latin alphabet.

Although there is a standardized romanized spelling for the Thai language available, it’s still not widely used, and Thai is thereby often translated in a more or less phonetic manner accordingly.

Translating “ท่าฤาษีดัดตน” (which literally would mean something like “The Contortionist Postures of the Hermit” and phonetically sounds like “Reu-Si Datton” ) results into:

— Rusie Dutton
— Rusie Datton
— Rusie Dat-ton
— Lusie Dutton
— Lusie Datton
— Rusie Dotton
— Reusi Da Ton
— Reusi Dat Ton
— Rue-Si Dat Ton
— Rue-Si Datton
— Reusi Datton
— Ruesri Dat Ton
— Ruesri Datton
— Rue Sri Dut Ton
— Rusri Datton
— Ru Si Datton
— Rue See Dat Ton
— Rue See Dut Ton
— Rue See Dad Ton
— Rasi Daton
— Rasidaton
— Rasueri Dat Ton
— Lucy Dutton

Moreover, in the West some describe Reu-Si Datton as Thai Yoga, Thai Rishi Yoga, Thai Monk Stretching or Thai Ascetic Self-Stretching, thereby further complicating the matter.

However, when we’ve finally found a school or teacher, another problem arises: there are very different styles of (doing) Reu-Si Datton, which is further differentiated by sharing 15, 18, 80, 127 or even more postures and exercises in various time-spans.

Also, most of the Reu-Si Datton teaching is done in a “classes way” (like for instance taking a Hatha Yoga class). There are in fact just a very small amount of real courses and most of them hardly take more then 1 or 2 days. Schools and teachers offering an extensive, in-depth course in Reu-Si Datton are still the big exception.

But maybe it’s all for the best—in a way it keeps authentic Reu-Si Dat Ton relatively safe from commercializing into unrecognizable features. And that already is worth a lot nowadays—to say the least.

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