What to Expect from a Tantra Massage?

Published: Oct 28, 2022 | Revised: Jan 19, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

What to Expect from a Tantra Massage?

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Although a Tantric Massage can be given for sexual pleasure purposes, it’s typically aimed at therapeutic work to heal emotional issues and emotionally related physical issues. Nevertheless, although not intended as a Happy Ending Massage, experiencing pleasure, fun, and even achieving orgasms naturally make part of a treatment and the healing process.

The Tantra Massage practitioner will always start with a thorough introduction and enquiry. The therapist may also ask you to take a shower beforehand.

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During the actual session, the practitioner is fully clothed. There are sessions where this is not the case, but this then is something you may want yourself or, in any case, need to know about beforehand. You will not be asked to touch the therapist’s body parts, such as the buttocks, breasts, or genitals. Remember that a Tantric Massage is basically a one-way touch practice, meaning that you are the receiver and the therapist is the giver.

The massage therapist will only touch you with the hands, not with the mouth or any other body part. Depending on the way a therapist works, they may use certain sex toys or essentials as an aid, such as, for instance, the Yoni Wand, a Prostate Massager, massage oils, and/or other lubricants.

During a session, you can always stop and/or leave at any time for whatever reason you feel or think. A professional massage therapist will completely understand this.

Usually, other people (a friend or someone you trust) should/will not be present during the actual massage session (in the treatment room), unless you would personally want that to feel safer, and if the therapist consents to such an approach.

Within a Tantric Massage a variety of massage techniques can be applied, including touching, stroking, acupressure, tapping, circling, pushing, pulling, tugging, rolling, deep breathing, and, if consent is given, internal finger penetration. Mind that a session usually includes the use of (warm) oils and/or lubricants.

Additionally, certain activities or practices may come into play, such as Genital Mapping, Tantric Breathwork, Orgasm Control and Edging, Multi-Orgasmic Play, Semen Retention, Sexual Dearmoring, Anal and Rosebud Massage, Prostate Massage, and the Sacred Spot Massage, to name some options.

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Mind that each practitioner carries out a Tantric Massage differently, depending on their style, learning lineage, and the (therapeutic) goal of the session. Yet, typically, a treatment will start with a gentle and caressing Full Body Oil Massage, while gradually increasing focus on your erogenous zones.

Heading on to the genitals, and further internally to the G-Spot or P-Spot and rectum will only be done when you have given consent and moreover, when you are completely relaxed and prepared after a general full body massage.

Some Tantra Massage therapists explicitly begin a session with practicing Tantric Breathing techniques with you. This is done to relax you, connect deeper with your body, and to give you more energy. It’s also a tool that teaches you to use breathing to heighten your experience during the massage.

Very much depending on the therapist, certain Tantric welcoming, (Kundalini Energy) awakening, and/or honoring rituals may be performed. These can be done standing, sitting, in a bath tub, or lying down, and may, for instance, include chanting, mantras, Tantric Bathing, Tantric Hand-to-Heart ceremonies, Tantric Eye-Gazing, Chakra work, hugging, and/or lightly caressing your body.

A special ambiance may be created, which, again depending on the therapist, may include darkening the room, burning incense, candlelight, blindfolding, initial touch, and background music.

After the Tantric preliminaries, you will be invited to lie down nude on a massage table or bed, face down, sometimes starting with a towel on your buttocks. This is when the actual Tantra Massage session starts.

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Subsequently, your back, neck, shoulders and arms will be massaged with (warm) oil. Gradually the massage will extend to the lower parts of your body, that is, to the buttocks, thighs, the lower legs, and feet.

After being asked to turn around, the therapist will start with the front side of your body. The head, face, neck, arms, belly and hips will be massaged, followed by the erogenous zones, such as the breasts, nipples, inner thighs, while finally heading to the vulva and vagina, or penis and testicles. With consent, internal work may also be carried out.

Many different kinds of sensations may be experienced during the session, which can include pleasurable feelings, emotional release, crying, shaking, full body orgasms (without physical ejaculation), physical orgasms, and energy whirls throughout the complete body, just to give some examples.

After the session, you will have time to relax while lying on the massage table. Usually, the practitioner will use hot towels to take off the oils. You can also take a shower if a bathing facility is available.

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