What Is Tantric Breathwork? | Aims, Techniques, and Health Benefits

Published: Jul 24, 2020
Edited by: Team TB

Woman doing Yogic Breathwork

Tantric Breathwork is based on Tantric philosophy and concepts, and is usually applied within Neo-Tantric activities and practices such as Tantric Sex, Tantric Coaching, and Tantra Massage.

The Breathwork approach within a Tantric context consists of the principal idea of freeing blocked energy, opening the Chakra energy centers, awakening Kundalini Energy, and controlling Vital Life Energy flow in our body, while releasing trauma, inducing well-being of mind, body and spirit, and enabling higher spiritual or consciousness levels within the practitioner with the final goal of Spiritual Enlightenment and Divine Union.

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Different breathing techniques and methods may be used, notably those related to Yoga, that is, the various Pranayamas, but additionally the Tantric Breathwork facilitator or therapist may also use modern Breathwork modalities depending on the goals of a session.

It’s thought that several benefits can be obtained with the practice, such as healing of sexual blockages and traumas, a natural integration of sexuality in our lives, alleviation of Premature Ejaculation (PE) and Erectile Dysfunction (ED), intimately (re)connecting with our bodies, spiritual development, improvement of our overall sex life and relationships, among others.

The practice can be done alone, with a partner, within a group or with help of a Breathwork therapist. Notable therapeutic applications can be found, for instance, in Tantric Coaching, Tantric Massage, and in Sexological Bodywork.

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