Neo-Tantra and Taoist Sexual and Spiritual Practices

Published: Apr 23, 2020 | Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Neo-Tantra and Taoist Practices
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In past years, we’ve seen an increased interweaving between Chinese Taoist and Indian Tantra practices, notably in the sphere of sexuality and spirituality. Perhaps this “movement” can best be described as a joint Neo-Tantra and Neo-Taoist undertaking.

That what unites Taoism and Tantra is the fact that both consider sexual energy as an expression of Life Force (Qi, Prana, or creative life energy), and both practices use sexual energy to increase life force, promote spirituality, better health and longevity.

Another similarity is that Tantra and Taoism boast inner alchemy practices to conserve and transform sexual energy into higher forms of energy and manifestations with the end goals of pleasure, spiritual enlightenment, and even immortality.

Historically, Chinese Taoism and Indian Tantra philosophies have also taken up the role of going against inflexible sexual and social values, which in the case of China was represented by the rigid outlooks of Confucianism and in India by the austere Caste system.

Both Confucianism and the Caste system show authoritarian, anti-female, conformist, and group-based tendencies suppressing individuality and personal self-development. By contrast, Taoism and Tantra have been experimenting with inner and external alchemy, which were aimed at spiritual self-realization, promoting individual values and goals.

Today, we see that Neo-Tantra practices converge with Neo-Taoist practices by blending certain methods, techniques and treatments such as Multi-Orgasm, Karsai Nei Tsang, Tantric Massage, Neidan Inner Alchemy, and Sexual Qigong, to name just a few examples.

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