Semen Retention Techniques and Practices

Published: Sep 12, 2022
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Semen Retention Techniques and Practices

When it comes to Semen Retention there are a range of techniques that can be used either for structural results (long term) or for results “in the moment.”

Do mind that Semen Retention doesn’t mean one cannot (or shouldn’t) have an orgasm. In fact, one can still have a non-ejaculatory orgasm, typically a Full Body Orgasm, which is usually described as being more pleasurable than a penile orgasm.

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It’s commonly agreed on that Pelvic Floor Exercises play an important role in managing both Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Premature Ejaculation (PE).

Pelvic Floor Muscles Exercises (or alternatively pelvic floor massages) or Kegel Exercises can structurally strengthen the muscles near and around the bladder, prostate, and penis. By strengthening this area one can gain more control over erections, ejaculations, and/or Semen Retention.

Additional techniques for Semen Retention may include using penis desensitizers, the Frenulum Squeeze Technique (squeezing the head of the penis on the moment of ejaculation urge), the Stop-Start Technique (simply stopping on feeling ejaculation urge, pausing, and then restarting with thrusting or masturbation), sexual abstinence, the Perineum Press Technique (a Taoist Retrograde Ejaculation technique), breathing exercises, alternate sex positions, “slow sex,” Mudras and Bandhas, and a variety of Tantric and Taoist techniques.

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