Prostate Massage | Health Benefits and Risks

Published: Jul 16, 2021 | Updated: Jul 18, 2021

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Prostate Massage | Health Benefits and Risks

A Prostate Massage (also called Prostatic Massage) can be an internal or external massage on/for the prostate gland. The treatment may have certain physical, emotional, and even spiritual health benefits, apart from being done purely for sensual i.e. sexual pleasure.

In this article we take a look at the claimed benefits, but we also discuss possible risks and the necessary precautions that need to be observed.

Health Benefits

Prostate Massage increases blood circulation within the prostate, stimulates important (sexual) nerves around the prostate for healthy sexual functioning, and removes stagnant fluids and toxins by releasing prostate fluids.

By many it’s thought that regular Prostate Massage can prevent, heal or alleviate prostate inflammations, low libido, erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, urinary tract infections, incontinence, benign prostate enlargement, and reduce pressure on the adjacent urinary tract (for instance benefiting better urine flow).

There are also claims made that it may help to prevent prostate cancer.

Yet, to be unambiguously clear: scientific research done on the effectiveness of Prostate Massage for the aforementioned pathologies is inconclusive.

In any case, the treatment is also more directly applied to achieve sexual arousal, experience more intense orgasms (in this case usually called a G-Spot Prostate Massage or Prostate Milking), to enhance an erection, or to relax the rectum in advance of anal sex.

Another important benefit is that of emotional and trauma healing. This is an idea notably prevalent in Asian traditional medicine traditions and today also within the Neo-Tantra movement. It’s thought that “emotional toxins and traumas” accumulate and crystallize in the prostate and cause blockages which can eventually lead to both physical and emotional health problems.

Subsequently, within the realm of emotional release, Prostate Massage can have a balancing effect on our emotions, as such also mitigating accompanying physical illnesses or discomforts.

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Precautions and Risks

Before having a Prostate Massage, check with your physician or healthcare practitioner if there are no medical objections, notably if you suffer from an acute prostate disorder.

One can do a Prostate Massage on oneself or have it done by a partner, but if it’s a first-time experience I would advise to let a professional prostate massage therapist do the treatment. By doing so one can experience how a Prostate Massage should feel, which makes it much easier to do it yourself afterwards.

A internal Prostate Massage should always be done gently, with clean hands, plenty of lubricants, with the use of thin latex gloves (to be obtained at any pharmacy), and with clipped short, and clean nails.

A first-time Prostate Massage generally feels somewhat uncomfortable. Nevertheless, vigorous, hard or strong internal pressure and movement is never advised; the rectum and prostate are delicate organs which can easily be damaged (for instance, leading to cuts, tears, fissures, bleeding, and abrasions).

Rectal cuts, fissures, and tears are not only uncomfortable, they can also create a higher risk of bacterial infections, cellulitis, or flare-ups of hemorrhoids.

Men who suffer from acute bacterial prostatitis are advised not to have a manual prostate massage, because this may increase inflammation and the spreading of bacteria to the urethra or other parts of the urinary tract, and finally to the bloodstream.

Additionally, for men who are already diagnosed having prostate cancer, spreading of cancer cells may be stimulated (metastasis). To be clear: if one has prostate cancer, a Prostate Massage is not advised.

Mind that performing manual Prostate Massage (notably internal prostate massages) without formal training can do harm to the reproductive system. This also counts for the use of manual or electronic prostate massagers or other sex toys without training and/or proper instruction.

If you use tools and devices to massage the prostate, only use those that are considered absolutely safe, that is, really do research and inform yourself well and check thoroughly on materials used, quality and safety aspects.

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