Erectile Dysfunction | ED Causes, Consequences, and Treatments

Published: Jul 8, 2020 | Updated: Mar 19, 2022
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Erectile Dysfunction | Impotence

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), also referred to as impotence, is the incapacity to get or to keep a penile erection solid enough to have sexual intercourse. When this happens now and again, it isn’t necessarily a problem, but when it becomes a structural issue it can cause stress, affect self-confidence, inhibit procreation i.e. obstructs having children, and/or yield substantial pressure on relationships.

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The reasons for ED can be many and they’re often hard to identify exactly, but generally ED has one or more underlying psychological, emotional and/or physical causes. Some causes recognized are certain lifestyles, stress, anxiety, older age, relationship problems, sexual or emotional trauma, certain prostate diseases, cardiovascular diseases, high levels of cholesterol, anatomical structure, previous surgery (for instance, prostate surgery), diabetes, alcohol use, injuries, and overweight, to name a few.

There are several approaches to resolving or diminishing ED, like specific diets, natural remedies (herbal solutions, such as Ginseng, Yohimbe, or animal products, etc.), chemical i.e. synthetic medication (Viagra, Cialis, etc.), lifestyle changes (exercise, stress reduction, etc.), acupuncture, Counseling, Psychoanalysis, Pelvic Floor Muscle exercises, certain devices (penile implants, penis pumps, cock rings, etc.), and a variety of genital massages and other bodywork, to name a few common treatments.

In Asia, traditional treatments to resolve Erectile Dysfunction usually have a holistic approach trying to work simultaneously on both emotional and physical issues by using a mix of massage, bodywork and energy work. It is believed that emotional trauma causes tensions and contractions in cell tissue and organs, which in their turn cause toxins and obstructions in nerves, veins and arteries that inhibit an optimal functioning nervous system and the free flow of blood i.e. hormones, oxygen and nutrients to the genital organs.

By releasing tensions, knots, contractions, adhesions, twists and tangles on a physical level, it’s further believed that not only the uninhibited circulation of vital life energy, lymph and blood will re-activate the genital and reproductive system, but also that emotional and sexual trauma will be resolved by it naturally.

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