What Is Somatic Sex Coaching? | Methods, Goals, and Benefits

Published: Dec 31, 2022
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What Is Somatic Sex Coaching? | Methods, Goals, and Benefits

Nowadays, you read and hear a lot about Somatic Sexology and Somatic Sex Coaching. But what exactly is implied here? In this post, we’re going to take a look at what it’s all about.

Sex Coaching

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Let’s first define what a Sex Coach is or does before we go to the somatic part.

Now, a Sex Coach is a trained professional who tries to help those who experience an undesirable decrease in sexual activity within their relationship, or helping those who have specific sexual dysfunctions or disorders.

Sex Coaching is predominantly a form of Talk Therapy, and usually focused on the more physical aspects of sexuality and lovemaking, but a Sex Coach will also address intimate, relational, emotional, and spiritual issues, which typically play an equally important role in resolving sex problems.

Communication, education, understanding one’s sexual potential, and engaging in emotional, trauma and sexual healing are often likewise vital elements in Sex Coaching.

Somatic Sex Coaching

The word somatic, which comes from the Greek root word soma — and when used in relation to healing disciplines, alternative medicine, or bodywork — typically refers to the body and bodily sensations as opposed to the mind, psyche, or emotions. It can also refer to bodily movement, by the way.

Taking the above into account, Somatic Sex Coaching can be defined as a more “embodied practice,” one that approaches Sexology and Sex Coaching from a more “holistic” viewpoint, trying to bridge the body-mind dichotomy to help people to overcome difficulties in their sex lives.

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In practice it means that sessions are not only “talk” about mental and psychological inner processes, but also focused on actual bodily sensations and experiences. In fact, the Somatic Sex Coach will try to bring mind, emotions, and body into renewed connection, intimacy, communication, and balance.

The Somatic Sex Coach or Somatic Sex Counselor may use a wide range of methods and techniques to achieve this goal, such as exercises, Genital Mapping, breathwork, Sexual De-Armoring, movement, and touch.

Different embodied practices may be brought into Sex Coaching sessions, such as Sexological Bodywork, Tantra, Surrogate Partner Therapy, Massage, Yoga, and Taoist Bodywork, to give some examples.

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