What Is Orgasmic Yoga? | Aims and Benefits

Published: Jul 21, 2020
Edited by: Team TB

What Is Orgasmic Yoga?

Orgasmic Yoga emerged quite recently as a Neo-Tantra practice and was developed by Dr. Joseph Kramer, the founder of Sexological Bodywork, who also created the Tantric Lingam Massage as we know it today.

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First of all, Orgasmic Yoga is not at all about Yoga poses or postures — that is, the so-called Yoga Asanas. In fact, the modality is part of the set of techniques used in Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork. More info about its integration in Sexological Bodywork can be read at the Yoga of Sex website.

In any case, this ennobled Neo-Tantric masturbation discipline, to just say it bluntly, combines sustained sexual arousal with breathing, dance, sound, intention, meditative attention, touch, movement, and other somatic practices in order to learn new erotic skills and stimulate sexual well-being.

It’s about exploring your own body, sensations, intense orgasms, and pleasure outside a partnered experience with the aim of inducing an erotic trance state to free oneself of sexual shame, suppressed sexuality, religious dogma, social norms, and/or emotional baggage. It may also be used as a restorative practice after an illness or surgery.

Orgasmic Yoga is in fact about honoring your body in a mindful meditative way, an act of self-love, and likewise an opportunity to take up the masturbation practice to a new level, changing your life. Orgasmic Yoga can be practiced solo or with companions.

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