Benefits and Goals of Tantric Lingam Massage

Published: May 18, 2019 | Updated: Apr 8, 2021

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Goal and Benefits of Tantric Lingam Massage

A Lingam Massage is a Neo-Tantric massage modality developed and popularized by Joseph Kramer in the 1980s in the USA. Lingam Massage can be considered the male version of a Tantric Yoni Vaginal Massage. Although a Lingam Massage is a specialization of a Tantra Massage focusing primarily on the male genitalia, it’s typically accompanied by a full body Tantric Massage.

The Lingam Massage includes acupressure on points around the Lingam (the Penis), testicles, the inner thighs and groin, and the therapist usually also works around the anus, perineum and with the prostate (internally or externally). The idea is to release tensions and blockages within the abdomen, anus, anal canal (rectum) and genital organs, with an aim of physical health benefits or perhaps rather with the goal of releasing emotional and sexual trauma.

Although the penis has become almost synonymous with Lingam, a Lingam, also called Linga or Shiva Linga, is much more than that. It’s foremost an abstract representation of the Hindu God Shiva in Indic Shaivism. It’s a symbol revered in Hindu temples and in shrines or in natural objects, such as naturally shaped stones, and so on. It’s considered a divine symbol of generative creative energy, where a phallus or phallic penis like object is worshiped as a symbolic representation of the Deity Shiva.

By the way, the Hindu God Shiva is also known as Mahadeva and is one of the main deities in Hinduism, known as the Great Destroyer and Creator, the protecter and transformer of the Universe.

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It’s thought that this blend of Indian philosophy and Western based therapeutic massage is helpful for healing or alleviating fertility problems, prostatitis, benign prostate enlargement, urinary tract issues, sexual and emotional traumas, premature ejaculation, low libido, and relief of stress, depression or anxiety, among other pathologies.

Of late however, a Lingam Massage is increasingly positioned as only an erotic pleasure massage, the client being able to experience multiple orgasms throughout a session and afterwards. Also, the label Lingam Massage today is too often used as a beautifier i.e. for a straightforward sensual erotic oil massage or penis massage and finishing hand-job or mouth-job, the more standard Happy Ending idea, instead of being a genuine Tantric Lingam Massage with a more spiritual esoteric and vital energetic aim.

Nevertheless, the authentic idea behind a Tantric Lingam Massage is for a man to completely embrace and accept his Lingam as part of his whole being. That would stimulate a man to have a more full sexual life, an ability to experience sex throughout the whole body and being connected as a whole with himself, others and the world around him. A Lingam Massage is therefore also called Manhood Massage, because an important goal of the treatment is for a man to “own” or “re-own” his total manhood.

A Lingam Massage is sensual and pleasurable, but it’s certainly not necessarily sexual, although an erection, ejaculation or orgasm may occur. The Lingam Massage is originally seen as a Tantric initiation to honor and worship every part of the body, with the goal of becoming a complete, whole person and not a person separated in a man on one side and his genitals on the other side.

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