Neo-Tantric Perineum and Anal Massage

Published: Jul 19, 2020 | Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Neo-Tantric Perineum and Anal Massage

An Anal Massage is typically accompanied with a full-body massage, such as a Tantric Massage, and it includes the genital area and massage points in or around the anus often combined with an internal Prostate Massage (the latter in case of men receiving a session). Sometimes an Anal Massage is also called a Rosebud Massage.

A Perineum Massage — the perineum is the space between the anus and scrotum for men and between the anus and the vulva for women — is generally included in an Anal Massage. It’s also the area to massage the male prostate externally (if internal prostate work is not done, for instance).

The Anal Massage can have therapeutic aims in order to release tensions around the anus, rectum or within the abdomen to heal sexual trauma, or it can be rather sensual-erotic, more focused on pleasure. As the opening of the anus has many nerve endings it can be very enjoyable for both men and women.

Therapeutically, Anal Massage may be applied during Neo-Tantric de-armoring (dearmouring) sessions to help heal emotional wounds of physical abuse or rape, mistreatment by sexual or life partners, release stress, frustration, guilt, shame, anger, disappointment and fear, or simply to help the receiver to (re)discover (new) feelings of pleasure.

Nevertheless, it’s important to have a competent professional doing the massage, not only because of the physical precautions that need to be taken into account, but especially when there’s a history of sexual trauma. Re-awakening a trauma can be an opportunity to heal, but the therapist needs to be prepared to help the receiver cope with these experiences.

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