Therapeutic Prostate Massage

Published | Updated July 27, 2020
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Therapeutic Prostate Massage
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Prostate massage, also known as Prostatic Massage, is a procedure in which a finger is inserted into the rectum to stimulate the prostate gland. Aim of the massage is to release excess seminal fluid (fluid that mixes with sperm to create semen) from the ducts of the prostate gland. Sometimes a so-called prostate massager is used, which is a device used to massaging the prostate gland.

It’s claimed that a Prostate Massage can ease prostate inflammation (prostatitis) and alleviate pressure on the adjacent urinary tract, although research on its effectiveness is inconclusive. It’s also applied for sexual stimulation to achieve arousal, which is then often called a G-Spot Prostate Massage, or to enhance an erection, or relax the rectum in advance of anal sex.

A Prostate Massage can also be part of a rectal examination, which is given to men by an urologist with the goal to look for signs of prostate cancer, but also to obtain a prostatic secretion sample for microbiological research, for instance to diagnose prostatitis.

As for Asian traditional prostate treatments, there are in fact no distinct traditional prostate massage modalities, but health issues with the prostate are alleviated or cured within and being part of some ancient genital massage modalities, usually called Manhood Massage or Manhood Therapy treatments.

In Thailand, for instance, we have therapeutic treatments such as Karsai Nei Tsang Detox Massage, Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage, Jabkasai, and techniques used with Thai Womblifting which all may address prostate issues.

A Malaysian treatment that also involves the prostate would be the Urut Batin Malay Manhood Massage. Of Indian-Western origin is the Tantric Lingam Massage and treatment solutions of Chinese origin are found in Medical and Sexual Qigong, Acupuncture, and Juagen Manhood Massage.

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