Prostate Massage | Treating Erectile Dysfunction and Delayed Ejaculation

Published: May 12, 2024
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The G-Spot for men, named after the G-Spot for women, is another term for the prostate gland. It’s also called the P-Spot, which stands for Prostate Spot or Prostate Pleasure Spot.

What Is Prostate Massage?

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In fact, a G-Spot Massage for men is a Prostate Massage and it’s sometimes also referred to as “Prostate Milking” or “Prostate Drainage” because a prostate gland will excrete remnants of fluids when massaged.

Mind that excretion of these prostatic fluids (so-called prostate milk) doesn’t necessarily involve an erection or sexual orgasm. Moreover, prostatic fluid by itself doesn’t contain sperm.

One way to perform Prostate Massage is accessing the prostate with the fingers or a sex toy via the anal canal (rectum), which is then called an internal Prostate Massage. Anal intercourse may also qualify as an internal Prostate Massage.

Another way to access the prostate is to massage the perineum or alternatively the lower belly, or by doing Kegel exercises, which are external prostate massages.

Health Benefits of Prostate Massage

Prostate Massage increases blood circulation within and around the prostate, stimulates important sexual nerves and blood vessels around the prostate for healthy sexual function (such as for getting an erection), and removes stagnant fluids and toxins by releasing prostate fluids.

By many it’s thought that regular Prostate Massage can prevent, heal or alleviate prostate inflammations, erectile dysfunction, low libido, premature ejaculation, urinary tract infections, incontinence, Benign Prostate Enlargement (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH), and reduce pressure on the adjacent urinary tract, which can benefit better urine flow. There are also claims that it may help to prevent prostate cancer.

Prostate Orgasm

By massaging the prostate it’s also possible that men experience a prostate orgasm (or P-Spot orgasm). Typically, an orgasm will be achieved by doing an internal Prostate Massage, applied either with the fingers or with certain sex toys (i.e. prostate massagers). Some men also achieve this through anal intercourse.

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Those who have experienced prostate orgasms describe it as being stronger, more intense and more pleasurable, having a longer duration and being more widespread through the body than penile orgasms. Prostate orgasms may be ejaculatory or non-ejaculatory. In both its ejaculatory and non-ejaculatory form a prostate orgasm can become a means of semen retention and ejaculatory control, because prostate fluid doesn’t contain sperm.

Men have also described a prostate orgasm as feeling like multiple, continuous waves of orgasms felt through the whole body which causes the body to shudder. This would typically qualify as a male full body orgasm.

According to Tantric and Taoist concepts, non-ejaculatory full body orgasms distribute sexual energy through the body and transform it into other “energetic essences,” which are deemed crucial for overall health, longevity, and spiritual attainment.

As such, a general goal of both Tantric and Taoist sexual practices for men is to avoid ejaculation and to have or prolong inner full body orgasms.

Erectile Dysfunction and Delayed Ejaculation

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Although the prostate gland itself is not strictly necessary to get or maintain an erection, around the prostate are nerves and blood vessels that play an important role in the mechanisms that cause an erection.

As it is, prostate disorders and diseases, and the medication used for those, or radiation and/or surgeries performed, can damage these nerves and blood vessels, which in its turn can lead to erectile dysfunction or delayed ejaculation.

Prostate Massage can come to help because it increases the blood circulation within and near the prostate and stimulates or reactivates important sexual nerves, blood vessels, and muscles around the prostate. Hence, Prostate Massage may alleviate erectile dysfunctions but also delayed ejaculation, while it likewise may help in achieving more intense penile orgasms and stronger ejaculations.

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