Prostate Massage | Internal and External Therapies

Published: Jul 28, 2021
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Prostate Massage | Internal and External Therapies

In general, we can divide prostate massages into two main categories: internal prostate massages and external prostate massages.

Although prostate massages can be given stand-alone, as a separate treatment, you will also find integrated prostate massages, that is, complete massage treatment modalities in which Prostate Massage (either internally or externally) makes a part of. These, mostly traditional massage modalities, are commonly called Manhood Massages.

Typical manhood massages are usually traditional massage treatments such as Karsai Nei Tsang, Lingam Massage, and Urut Batin, among others.

Internal Prostate Massage

An internal Prostate Massage is applied by inserting a finger or a sex toy — such as a prostate massager device — into the rectum in order to reach the prostate gland and massage on it or around it.

Internal prostate massages are applied for various reasons: for sexual pleasure, to reach full-body orgasms, or to drain prostatic fluid for relief of certain prostate disorders, or to release fluid for further analysis by a physician.

External Prostate Massage

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External prostate massages can be carried out by accessing the prostate (externally, outside of the body) via the perineum or via the abdominal area (usually the area between the pubic bone and the belly button).

An external massage is typically applied with the fingers, but notably in Asian massage traditions it can also be applied with the elbows or with the heel of the feet.

There are also a range of exercises that not directly touch the prostate gland, such as Kegel exercises, certain Yogic exercises, and the Taoist Male Deer exercise.

An external Prostate Massage is applied for the same motives and benefits that are attributed to an internal Prostate Massage, but they generally drain less excess (or stagnant) prostatic fluid when compared to an internal Prostate Massage.

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