What Are the Sacred Spot and G-Spot Prostate Massage?

Published: Jan 17, 2020 | Revised: Jan 26, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

What Are the Sacred Spot and G-Spot Prostate Massage?

The labels Sacred Spot Massage, G-Spot Massage, and G-Spot Prostate Massage are often used as synonyms, but there’s a difference in application when we look at how it functions for either men or women.

Sacred Spot Massage for Women

First of all, women do not officially have prostates, but a set of glands and ducts along both sides of the urethra at the front of the vagina — the so-called Skene glands — which are sometimes referred to as the female prostate.

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The Skene glands (named after Alexander Skene, but also referred to as the vestibular glands) produce a substance — sometimes referred to as female prostatic secretion — and have cells with neuro-endocrine functions, which could be compared to the male prostate. It’s also thought that the secretions lubricate the opening of the urethra and have antimicrobial functions.

The core idea of a Sacred Spot Massage is of Tantric origin. Now, the Sacred Spot is said to be connected to the Skene glands. Furthermore, the Sacred Spot is part of the G-Spot, although in many descriptions the Sacred Spot and G-Spot are used as synonyms. The G-Spot is located about an inch inside the vaginal opening on the upper vaginal wall.

Mind also that the G-Spot is a profound emotional area (not just a spot) in the body, which is accessed through the vagina. By the way, the name G-Spot is short-writing for the Gräfenberg Spot named after the German physician, scientist, and gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg.

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Following Tantric ideas, it’s thought that the G-Spot (Sacred Spot) is a gateway to the second Chakra, also called the Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana. Supposedly, by stimulating the area a liquid called Amrita is released. This Amrita is said to be the Nectar of Life releasing women of negative energies and of blockages in the flow of Prana (Vital Life Energy).

However, in more down-to-earth descriptions it’s thought that the fluid excretions from the Skene glands during sexual arousal may account for this “Amrita Nectar,” simply being part of female ejaculation or so-called squirting fluids.

As it is, a female G-Spot Massage can stimulate pleasurable orgasms, sometimes even Full Body Orgasms. According to Tantric and Neo-Tantric concepts, it’s thought that all the seven Chakras in the body are renewed with fresh energy after a G-Spot Massage session.

P-Spot Massage For Men

The G-Spot for men, named after the G-Spot for women, is thought to be connected to the prostate gland. It’s actually the P-Spot, that is, the Prostate Spot or Prostate Pleasure Spot.

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A G-Spot Massage for men is a Prostate Massage and it’s also called “Prostate Milking” or “Prostate Drainage,” because a prostate gland will excrete remnants of fluids when massaged. Mind that excretion of these prostatic fluids (Prostate Milk) doesn’t necessarily involve an erection or orgasm. Moreover, prostatic fluid by itself doesn’t contain sperm.

One way to do a male G-Spot Massage is accessing the prostate via the anal canal (rectum), which is an internal Prostate Massage. Another way is externally massaging the perineum, or doing so-called Kegel Exercises, which then is an external Prostate Massage.

Apart from the various health benefits for men when massaging the area, a Prostate Massage can give Full Body Prostate Orgasms, which are generally experienced as more intense and pleasurable than penile orgasms.

Another purpose of this massage is to help release negative emotions stored in the male prostate, which is an idea mostly connected to Tantric and Taoist sexual philosophies.

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