Perineum Massage for the Prostate | Male G-Spot

Published: Jul 20, 2021 | Updated: Jul 20, 2021

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Perineum Massage for the Prostate | Male G-Spot

A Perineum Massage — the perineum is the space between the anus and scrotum for men and between the anus and the vulva for women — is typically accompanied by an Anal Massage or — in the case of men — also by an internal Prostate Massage. A Perineum Massage is also called a Perineal Massage.

But first this: a Perineal Massage is usually associated with massaging the perineum of women during pregnancy, which has certain benefits and helps prepare women for childbirth. Nevertheless, the perineum is also the area to massage the male prostate externally, for instance when internal prostate work is not performed, or as a preparation for an internal Prostate Massage.

In the perineum area you’ll find the external G-Spot for men (the P-Spot). The internal G-Spot is the prostate itself. In fact, the perineum contains an important acupressure point which you can press and massage with the pad of a finger or with a device. It’s located between the scrotum and anus, but as sizes of the perineal area vary per person you will actually need to try and find it yourself.

You can press quite deeply on the perineal G-Spot point, but always keep it gentle. Apart from giving pleasurable feelings when pressed, it’s also the point that can be used to control ejaculations. This is done by pressing it strongly just before the moment of ejaculation arrives.

Use a lubricant or natural massage oil, like castor oil, coconut oil, or almond oil, to perform the massage in a circular way.

The benefits of a perineal Prostate Massage are basically the same as those of an internal Prostate Massage, that is, prostate pains and discomforts may diminish, sexual vitality and sex drive may improve, and urinating can become more controlled. Nevertheless, prostate drainage (or Prostate Milking) is usually less abundant.

eBook - Prostate Massage eBook - Genital Massage and Bodywork eBook - Manhood Massage and Bodywork

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