Orgasm Control and Edging | Tantric and Taoist Perspective

Published: Aug 7, 2020 | Revised: Jan 26, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Orgasm Control and Edging | A Tantric and Taoist Perspective

Orgasm Control and Edging have become almost synonymous phrases nowadays, but from out Tantric and Taoist perspectives there’s quite a difference. But, in order to enlighten the topic a bit, let’s first say it like this: Edging is a form of Orgasm Control, but Orgasm Control goes beyond Edging.

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Today, Edging is quite trendy, heavily advertised, and to make a long story short: it’s practiced mainly to retain an orgasm in order to prolong masturbation and/or sexual intercourse.

The idea is to have more and longer sexual pleasure or more intense orgasms (the latter because of build-up of arousal and sexual tension). It can also be used as a means to prevent Premature Ejaculation (PE), in that sense becoming a help or perhaps a rather therapeutic practice.

Edging is usually done by purposefully stopping thrusting (intercourse) or rubbing (or whatever means of genital arousal) for a short period (perhaps five or ten seconds, or so) in order to prevent the climax, that is, an external orgasm aka ejaculation, and the following abrupt end of the sexual activity.

Now, Orgasm Control from out a Tantric or Taoist perspective (both philosophies maintain the same concept about it) is done to raise internal sexual energy levels in order to attain higher levels of consciousness, personal growth and health, including finally liberation, spiritual enlightenment, and divine spiritual union and bliss.

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The core idea of Orgasm Control then is that sexual energy is mostly concentrated in reproductive fluids, in the case of men, in semen. Thus, if a man can control ejaculating i.e. practices semen retention, he will avoid losing sexual energy. By contrast, female orgasms are thought to generally not result in loss of sexual energy (it’s thought that women only lose sexual energy through childbirth and the menstruation period).

But it doesn’t stop there. It’s about controlling and redirecting this sexual energy (which is thought to be the primordial creative energy) through the body, from lower Chakras to higher Chakras. In fact, it’s about working with Kundalini Energy.

In Taoist teachings, it’s about moving sexual energy through the so-called Dantian, energy centers in the body which can be seen as rather similar to the Indian Chakras. The Dantian refer to “elixir of life” points or areas where Jing, Qi and Shen energy essences are stored and transformed subsequently, which result in regenerative capacity, health, longevity, spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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Apart from the end goal of divine bliss and spiritual enlightenment (when we consider Orgasm Control as a spiritual practice), the fact of circulating sexual Kundalini Energy through the body can have healing effects because it unblocks (or opens) the energy centers and the Yogic Energy Channels, and with that, releases tensions on both a physical and emotional level, and moreover, stimulates optimal functioning of the human body and mind.

Tantra and Taoism teach certain techniques, such as Mudras, Bandhas, mindfulness, meditation, Yoga Asanas, and Breathwork, for instance, which can be used to control ejaculation. In fact, certain muscles are involved in the ejaculation process and by identifying these muscles and controlling these muscles, one can control orgasms.

But also specific massage techniques and stretches can be applied, for instance, to the testicles and scrotum, which will make Orgasm Control easier to achieve. In a more general sense, both Tantric Sex and the Taoist Sexual Practices boast a variety of techniques that aim at Orgasm Control.

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