Testicles Massage Explained | Treatment Techniques and Health Benefits

Published: Jul 22, 2021 | Updated: Oct 11, 2022

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Testicles Massage Explained | Treatment Techniques and Health Benefits

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In this post, we’re going to take a look at the techniques, characteristics, and health benefits of a Testicle Massage (or plural: Testicles Massage).

The Testes

But before we proceed, first some background info about the testicles. In a man, a testicle or testis (the plural form is testicles or testes) is the reproductive gland (a gland is an organ that excretes substances) that produces sperm and so-called androgens (a group of hormones), primarily testosterone.

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Sperm, that is, sperm cells are male reproductive cells essential for procreation, otherwise said: to having a baby. Sperm cells fertilize a female reproductive cell, the latter being called an oocyte or egg.

Testosterone is the most important sex hormone and anabolic steroid in men. Testosterone doesn’t only play a crucial role in the development of the male reproductive organs, such as the prostate and the testes, but it’s also responsible for characteristics like muscle growth, bone mass, and body hair. Moreover, testosterone is involved in creating and maintaining overall physical, emotional, and sexual well-being.

The testicles are two oval shaped glands — more or less of similar size — located within the scrotum, which is a sac of skin that hangs from the body at the front of the abdominal wall, between the legs. Important for good testicular health and function is an optimum blood circulation to the area.

Testicles Massage

One of the popular ways to naturally activate a proper blood supply to the testes is through massage therapy. A Testicles Massage — thought to be an ancient Taoist technique — is typically done with the hands (which should be warm), although one can also use certain tools, such as sex toys or warm herbal compresses.

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It’s good to warm-up the testicles before massaging them, a practice which already stimulates blood circulation to and through the testes. For instance, before you start you could sit in a sauna, take a warm Sitzbath, wrap the goods in a warm towel, or cup them a while with warm hands.

You can massage by using oils (such as coconut oil or castor oil) or you can massage without oil. A variety of techniques can be applied, but as the testicles are very sensitive and quickly prone to injuries, extreme gentleness is advised. If you feel pain, always massage lighter. Don’t forget that a Testicles Massage can and should be rather firm, but it should be pleasurable also.

Common techniques used are massaging around the scrotum, massage and acupressure on the upper inner thighs, squeezing the scrotum and testicles, grasping and pulling the testes down, stretching the testes away from the penis with the index finger and thumb round the scrotum, circular motions, rubbing them, strokes and pressure between the testes, stroking the veins and tubes, and gently tapping the testes with the index and middle fingers.

Although a Testicle Massage can be carried out as a stand-alone massage modality, done by yourself, a partner, or by a professional therapist, it’s also often an integral part of so-called Manhood massages, such as Tantric Lingam Massage, Taoist Erotic Massage, Jabkasai Massage, and Karsai Nei Tsang Massage, among other treatment modalities. Apart from that, it can be part of love-making, during which a Testicles Massage is geared to pleasure rather than being a therapeutic treatment.

Health Benefits of Testicles Massage

To actually reap the benefits from a Testicles Massage, mind that you need to massage them regularly, that is, at least two times a week. An individual massage session may take about five to fifteen minutes max.

  • longer and harder erections;
  • increased sex drive (libido);
  • a boost of testosterone, stimulating overall well-being;
  • stress relief;
  • increased sperm count;
  • alleviation of general testicles pains;
  • reduction of lumps and swellings;
  • reduction of testicular inflammations.

Other Testicle Treatment Modalities

Apart from Testicles Massage there a range of other treatments that involve the testicles. Below we describe some of those. Just follow the links to read more details about them.

Testicle Breathing is a Taoist practice that aims at moving and circulating stagnant sexual energy out of the testicles up the spinal column in order to nourish the nervous system, the brain, and internal organs.

Another Taoist sexual practice that involves the testicles is the Male Deer Exercise, which aims at cultivating sexual energy and improving vitality, mental alertness, sexual health and pleasure, while alleviating a range of ailments and discomforts.

Jap Kasai (also written Jabkasai) is a Thai Testicle Massage treatment aimed at stimulating the reproductive function and internal organs, and resolving issues like Erectile Dysfunction (ED), frequent urination, Premature Ejaculation (PE), insensitivity, and fertility problems, among other health conditions.

The Scrotum Pull (or Testes Pull) is a technique used as a tool to prevent Premature Ejaculation (PE), and an exercise part of Semen Retention practices.

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eBook - Manhood Massage and Bodywork eBook - Semen Retention, Ejaculation, and Orgasm Control Male Enhancement Practices Book eBook - Prostate Massage eBook - Genital Massage and Bodywork eBook - Tantric and Taoist Massage and Bodywork