Aims and Health Benefits of Jabkasai Genital Massage

Published | Updated August 20, 2020
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Aims and Health Benefits of Jabkasai Genital Testicles Massage
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A Jabkasai Testicles and Prostate Massage, also known as Japkasai, Jab Kasai, Jap Kasai, or Jab Karsai, is a traditional genital Manhood massage treatment practiced as a therapeutic modality in Thailand. The main objectives of the treatment are to stimulate sexual well-being, sexual trauma release, and reproductive health benefits for men.

It’s thought that Jabkasai Therapeutic Massage has been practiced in Thailand for many centuries already, but that it originated from China. Jab or Jap can be translated as nerve or tendon and Kasai or Karsai as blockage in the veins. Thus, Jabkasai is about stimulating nerves, muscles and tendons by releasing toxins, sedimentation and blockages of the lymph and blood circulatory system. This, by the way, has quite some similarities with Thai Karsai Nei Tsang Genital Detox Massage.

Additionally, it’s thought that the treatment modality benefits alleviation or healing of infertility, erectile dysfunctions, low libido, prostate problems, painful testicles, frequent urination, and orgasmic disorders, such as premature ejaculation, but also relief of lower back pains, stimulation of overall blood circulation and regulation of one’s hormonal system and metabolism.

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The treatment is done while massaging and applying acupressure directly on and around the testicles (the penis itself is not involved), the inner thighs and the groin. Jabkasai is not an erotic massage, although it might cause sexual arousal, including an orgasm and ejaculation, which is accepted as a normal part of the treatment experience. Some therapists also apply hot herbal compresses before, during or after the massage.

Although technically only a testicles massage, the treatment is regularly offered in combination with a Prostate Massage, as such the massage is quite often positioned as a Jabkasai Prostate Massage.

Treatment offerings are rather scarce in Thailand and serious therapeutic treatment services seems to be only available in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Note however that today, a number of Jabkasai offerings in Thailand include an Erotic G-Spot Prostate Massage, which sometimes renders this massage into the slippery gray area of just a sexual pleasure massage.

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