Juagen Genital Manhood Massage in Asia

Published | Updated February 21, 2020

Juagen Genital Manhood Massage in Asia
Juagen Massage (Jua-Gen, Zhuagen or Zhuā gēn), which means “Grasping the Root,” is also called Juagen Manhood Massage and it’s claimed to have a long history most likely originating as a therapeutic massage modality in China. Today, in actual practice, it’s often connected to Indian tantric sexual massage offerings – notably Lingam Massage. Yet, looking more closely at how Juagen is executed it’s obvious that it factually has clear similarities with traditional Thai Jabkasai testicles massage.

As a treatment offering Juagen is found mainly in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and in a lesser degree also in Thailand, but unfortunately very seldom in an official Spa, Clinic or Treatment Center setting. In some way or the other, Juagen is more strongly connected with sensual erotic massage treatments than with therapeutic massage and there’s very little knowledge available about the modality.

The techniques used for Juagen are acupressure on points on the thighs, in the groin area, around the navel and lower abdominal area, and below the scrotum (testicles). It can be rather intense and painful. Apparently it also involves pressing, stroking (the veins), and massaging the penis itself (to a near climax). In some cases it includes a regular Prostate Massage or G-Spot Prostate Massage.

Juagen is considered a form of therapeutic reflexology addressing healing effects for the kidneys, the liver, spleen and pancreas, lungs and heart. The treatment also improves blood circulation, bringing nourishment to the sexual glands and organs including the promotion of higher sensibility and sensitivity of nerves in the area. Another goal talked about – possible when receiving regular treatments – is “reshaping” the penis into the ideal “mushroom form.”

Other benefits claimed are detoxification of the genital organs, a better and prolonged erection, fortifying the immune system, slowing down the aging process by promoting cell regeneration and a better sexual energy flow supporting overall physical and mental functions and improving overall health.

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