Kaishun Massage – Erotic Manhood Massage Treatment

Published: Jan 16, 2024 | Revised: Feb 9, 2024
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Man getting a sensual erotic massage

Kaishun Massage — also called Kaishun Erotic Massage or Kaishun Manhood Massage — is a traditional and sensual Japanese genital massage modality (of which some think it originated in China) that aims at healing and/or revitalizing male libido, virility and vitality, but also at giving sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

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In addition, it’s thought that Kaishun Massage boosts testosterone production, combats Erectile Dysfunction (ED), promotes longevity, mitigates symptoms of andropause (male menopause disorders), and stimulates general male wellbeing.

In fact, Kaishun Massage has quite some similarities — both in its goals and the techniques used — with other popular Asian Manhood Massage therapies, such as Japkasai Testicles Massage, Urut Batin Massage, and Juagen Massage.

The Japanese word Kaishun is usually translated as “rejuvenation,” but in a more literal sense some translate Kaishun to “spring,” “reviving adolescence,” “or restoring youth.”

Apart from its function to restore genital manhood, it’s also thought that the massage was historically practiced between partners, notably when penile penetration would be avoided. Reasons to this could be penetration pain, pregnancy, menstruation, protecting one’s virginity, or to avoid becoming pregnant; hence, Kaishun Massage would be a substitute for vaginal intercourse.

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In the latter case, the idea is that Kaishun Erotic Massage is not only pleasurable for the male, but also for his female partner who derives pleasure and satisfaction from giving him sexual pleasure, making the massage an act of loving touch and close intimacy.

Kaishun Genital Massage applies general massage techniques and acupressure to manipulate the lymph nodes in the groin, the hips, testes, and penis. In addition, it’s usually accompanied by a full body sensual massage that includes working with the various male erogenous zones.

In commercial practices — and depending on the massage therapist or massage establishment — oral massage of the genitals, external or internal Prostate Massage, Nuru gel, and/or an explicit Happy Ending may also come into play. In Japan, it’s a popular Sensual Erotic Massage for men, easily to be found in cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama, and other big Japanese cities.

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