Full Service and Happy Ending Massages

Published: Aug 29, 2020 | Revised: Feb 16, 2023
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Full Service and Happy Ending Massages

A Happy Ending Massage is typically a Sensual Erotic Massage that ends with the client receiving sexual release and an orgasm. A Full Service Massage, on the other hand, is generally one that includes both a Happy Ending and sexual intercourse.

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Yet, sometimes, Full Service only means a Happy Ending, that is, an orgasm, without sexual intercourse, which comes about by rubbing, hand-work, fingering, mouth-work, or whatever is the case. The actual content of the “service” varies very much on the establishment or therapist, and on what’s legally allowed in a country or not.

Today, these types of massage offerings are often presented under cover-names such as Tantric Massage, Sensual Healing Massage, Nuru Massage, Sensual Oil Massage, Yoni Massage or Lingam Massage, and the like, depending on the legality of sex-work in a particular country or part of a country.

Names of regular sensual or erotic massages such as mentioned above — accompanied with prefixes such as “therapeutic,” “sacred,” or “healing” — may also be used as either a dissimulation of the real content of the offerings, or as a kind of “Clickbait” to make prospective clients think that there’s “much more” to the provider’s offerings than just sexual relief.

Nevertheless, we need to acknowledge that there are rather thin lines between therapeutic genital healing work, sensual and erotic massage work, and straightforward sexual rub-downs, and sometimes the differences between modalities and offerings can be somewhat vague.

Nevertheless, let’s not forget that Happy Ending and Full Service massages have a healing property also — at the minimum level they can provide stress-relief and relaxation — and for that reason alone they already deserve their place among the total gamut of genital and sensual erotic massage treatments.

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