Tantric Yoni Massage | Aims, Techniques, and Health Benefits

Published: Apr 23, 2019
Edited by: Team TB

Goal and Health Benefits of Tantric Yoni Massage

Yoni Massage is a Neo-Tantric Vaginal Massage modality — partly based on ancient Tantric and Taoist philosophical and spiritual ideas — developed by Joseph Kramer and Annie Sprinkle in the 1990s in the USA.

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Over the years, the various steps of this massage treatment modality have been further developed and sometimes taken into different, more specialized directions. Today, it’s a widely taught and applied sensual erotic and vaginal massage modality, found across the world.

On the whole, Tantric Massage offerings, including generic Tantric Massage and specialized Lingam Massage, have seen enormous growth in the past two decades, and although Yoni Vaginal Massage is a relative late-comer on the commercial stage, it has rapidly become an accepted and sought-after genital massage treatment modality.

Yoni Massage is a massage with a spiritual, Tantric and Taoist focus, with the primary aim of bringing a woman’s sexuality and sexual creative energy to life, using a combination of therapies. It’s an exploration of the woman’s genitals and her spiritual, sacred femininity.

A Yoni Massage treatment can also be a therapeutic opportunity for women to open up energetically and spiritually, to de-armor emotionally, releasing traumatic sexual and emotional tensions and frustrations.

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Yoni, Yonee, or Yonic Massage sessions may reveal new capacities for a women, such as new types of orgasm, multi-orgasmic states, and blissful experiences, which come about through complete surrender accompanied by a gentle, non-judgmental, and supportive space which gives room for a pleasant and safe healing experience. Some women discover a new perception of their sexual energy and its expression, boasting a completely renewed awareness of their place in the world.

There’s sometimes debate about who should ideally give the Yoni Massage — a man or a woman — but in practice treatments are offered by both men and women, gay, bi or heterosexual; it simply depends on the woman receiving it, that is, what she prefers, or with whom she feels safer being able to trust and open up more completely in the session.

There are usually two approaches to a Yoni Massage: the first one having an explicit therapeutic treatment goal, and the second approach is rather directed at the sensual erotic pleasure experience. A proper Yoni Massage ideally starts with minimally a full body Tantric Massage before heading to the Yoni.

The massage will include attention for the erogenous zones, such as the neck, breasts, belly, and inner thighs and buttocks before doing further intimate work. Immediately heading on to the vulva or internal parts of the vagina is certainly not the idea.

Yoni Massage typically includes the genital area — vulva, vaginal canal, clitoris, perineum, cervix and sacred G-spot — and may or may not be an external and/or internal massage.

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As a therapeutic modality it’s focused on releasing tension and blockages within the abdominal and pelvic area, including the genital organs, with an aim of physical healing or rather being focused on trauma and emotional release helping a woman to reconnect with her sexuality.

A Yoni Massage therapist will adjust the flow, intensity and range of the treatment, doing things gradually, always with consent of the receiver, maybe over multiple sessions, to make sure that the massage doesn’t create (new) trauma or emotional damage.

Note that women may have an orgasm or multiple orgasms during the session (perhaps for the first time) or more intense orgasms after the treatment. The final goal of a Tantric Yoni Massage is to help a women to achieve higher states of consciousness by transforming healthy flowing sexual energy into creative spiritual energy.

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