Female Deer Exercise | Breast Massage and Pelvic Floor Exercises

Published: Aug 24, 2021 | Revised: Jan 20, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Female Deer Exercise | Breast Massage and Pelvic Muscles Contractions

The Female Deer Exercise is a Taoist Qigong (Chi Kung) women’s health exercise and the counterpart of the Male Deer Exercise.

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Its aim is to cultivate sexual energy, improve fertility, promote overall vitality and mental clearness, increase blood and lymph circulation, enhance orgasmic potential, stimulate sexual pleasure and health, and promote longevity.

Deer Exercises are also applied to explicitly alleviate or heal certain typical women’s health issues or discomforts, such as PMS, irregular menstruation, ovarian cysts, ovulatory disorders, excessive vaginal discharge, uterine fibroids, and vaginismus, among other ailments.

The exercises should be done without clothing, daily, in a warm room or environment. They also require a special seated position, that is, they should be done in the classic cross-legged Yogic position (on a mat or cushion on the floor), while one heel presses against the vaginal opening and clitoris. Mind that the Deer Exercise is contraindicated for women during their menstrual period or during pregnancy.

The Deer Exercises consist of two main parts: the first part is a Taoist Breast Massage, the second part includes Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises, the latter being in fact similar to the well-known Kegel exercises.

Taoist Breast Massage

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The Taoist Breast Massage is done in the seated position described previously, with warm hands placed over the breasts (warm the hands by rubbing them) and massaging them in round, circular motions.

The hands go round in a direction to the inside of the breasts then in the direction toward the face, outwards, downwards, and then back to the inside, and so on.

Traditionally, the circular massage around the breasts should be done at least 36 times and with a maximum of 360 times. The breasts and genitals may feel warm due to circulation of sexual energy.

Pelvic Muscles Massage

This part is much like doing Kegel Exercises, but then in a seated position, with your fists resting in your lap. Making fists while encircling the thumbs with the other fingers is done to activate certain beneficial acupressure points.

The core idea however is to tighten vaginal i.e. pelvic muscles (squeezing and lifting them) as long as you can and then release the contraction. In Taoist terminology this practice is called “holding firm.”

The pelvic muscles contraction (and release) should be done one time after each 36 times of the circular massage of the breasts. Nevertheless, the former is just the traditional way, and you’re free to contract and de-contract the pelvic floor muscles as many times as you like.

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