Ovarian Breathing | Taoist Sexual Practices

Published: Sep 29, 2021
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Ovarian Breathing | Taoist Sexual Practices

Ovarian Breathing is part of ancient Taoist Sexual Practices and aims at cultivating Jing Chi sexual energy. The exercise involves a deliberate contraction of the Chi Muscle while simultaneously drawing and pushing Jing Chi energy through the Dantian by using mind, visualization, and breathing techniques.

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According to Taoist concepts, the Chi Muscle is an ensemble of muscles that surround the anus, perineum, vagina, and urethra, and provides support for the reproductive organs. It basically consists of the pelvic floor muscles, the sphincter muscle of the anus, and muscles located in the perineum area.

In Ovarian Breathing, which is a form of Taoist Sexual Alchemy, you inhale deeply while visualizing to draw vital Ovarian Egg Energy (Ching Chi, also called Jing Chi Energy) via the ovaries down to the perineal area, and then exhale to push that energy via the sacrum up the spine to your head, brain, and to the third-eye, then down through the tongue, the heart and solar plexus, to be finally stored in the navel area for later use as pure Chi (Qi Life Force).

The goal of the exercise is to extract, transform, and circulate the condensed, powerful Sexual Life Force (Jing Chi) which is stored in the ovaries and eggs, and use it for healing benefits on the physical, emotional, and sexual level.

This ovarian energy is the energy generated by the ovaries, eggs, and hormones themselves. The practice is described in detail in Mantak Chia’s book Healing Love through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy. The exercise can be enhanced by simultaneously using a Jade Egg (Yoni Egg) and/or performing a Taoist Breast Massage.

Mind that Ovarian Breathing has a counterpart for men in the Taoist Testicle Breathing exercise.

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