Xingqi | Circulating Breath

Published: Jul 22, 2023
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Xingqi | Circulating Breath

Xingqi, consisting of the concatenation of the words Xing and Qi, is the more general name for a large group of Chinese conscious breathing techniques that have their origins around 500 BCE and which further developed through the last 2,500 years.

It refers to various breath control techniques practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoist meditation, Taoist Sexual Practices, Taixi Breathing, Neidan Inner Alchemy, Taoist Reverse Breathing, Neigong, Tao Yin Breathing, Qigong, and/or Tai Chi Chuan.

The word Xing is usually translated as “circulating” or “moving,” and the word Qi as “life force energy,” “vital energy,” or “breath.” Xingqi then is commonly said to mean “Circulating Breath” or “Circulating Qi.”

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