De-Armoring the Vagina | Yoni De-Armoring

Published: Jan 3, 2020 | Revised: Jun 3, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Woman wearing an armour

It’s trendy, tantric, it’s modern — women increasingly De-Armor their vagina. But then, what exactly is meant by Vaginal De-Armoring aka Yoni De-Armoring (also written as Yoni Dearmouring)?

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Well, the principal idea is that women may have built an Armor, that is, an emotional and physical protection or defense related to the vaginal area, inhibiting them to function “normally,” wholly, spontaneously and healthy on a sexual level — both on the emotional and physical plane — and ultimately also being hindered to fully express their womanhood or femininity.

This defense mechanism consists of blockages and tensions that have been built over years as a result of trauma, emotional pressure, and stress that emerged from one’s upbringing, one’s specific cultural society and mold, or from deeply damaging experiences such as rape, sexual harassment, gender issues, and prejudice, and so on.

So, having built an armor, external Vulva De-Armoring and internal Vaginal De-armoring is basically about releasing physical, mental, and psychological sexual blockages, and through that also actual physical pain, tensions, contractions, dryness, and numbness in and around the vagina (including the vulva, cervix, and uterus). The womb (uterus) may be worked on externally, but also internally by accessing the anal canal and rectum.

Mind that the vaginal area and womb are associated with grounding, creativity, confidence, pleasure, self-esteem, emotional balance, relationships, sensuality, healthy sexuality, sacred womanhood, determination, independence, and fertility.

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Hence, the idea is that by dissolving tensions and numbness, and subsequently releasing the disturbing emotions or trauma attached to those, women will be able to experience increased pleasure, more intense or other types of orgasms, have a better sex-life, feel more free, and become a more whole, complete and balanced person.

Of course, there’s also a whole lot of psychological work and integration to be done, but by accepting that one can come to emotional release by direct physical vaginal treatments, being “open” for it, half of the work is done, so to say.

The common somatic techniques used to De-Armor the vagina may include Yoni Mapping (which would include the vulva, cervix, and uterus), touch, massage, pressure, acupressure, mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork.

Some examples of popular treatment modalities that support Yoni De-Armoring work are Yoni Massage or Vaginal Massage (self-massage or done by a therapist or partner), Karsai Nei Tsang, Sexological Bodywork, Taoist Ovarian Breathing, the Yoni Wand, and the Yoni Egg.

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