What Is Yoni Gazing?

Published: Feb 15, 2024
Edited by: Team TB

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Yoni Gazing is a Neo-Tantric practice that involves meditation, breathwork, and/or conscious awareness practices with regard to the Yoni.

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In a Yoni Gazing session, the Yoni is not touched, neither is “gazing” a technique or means to induce an orgasm, although a sexual climax may happen spontaneously.

Moreover, in this practice one needs to see the Yoni as more than just the vulva or vagina, that is, rather as a domain connected to a woman’s sacred femininity and sexuality, which includes the physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual realm.

Hence, Yoni Gazing can be a mental or devotional practice — which would rather qualify as Yoni Worshiping — but also one of actual observation and discovery of the physical parts of the Yoni (for instance, by looking at the Yoni in a mirror or looking at another Yoni).

Yoni Gazing can be done alone (gazing at one’s own Yoni), or in a group setting (gazing or contemplating other Yonis), and it’s typically performed as a Tantric ceremony or ritual.

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In addition, Yoni Gazing is not only a practice for women (or for those who own a vagina) and can also be carried out by men (or anyone who owns a penis), which means they would “gaze” at or meditate on a woman’s Yoni (or multiple Yonis).

The idea behind Yoni Gazing has multiple facets; making women more knowledgeable, conscious and more respectful of their bodies, as a means of healing shame, inhibitions, and sexual trauma, opening up to more complete self-love, letting go of judgment of one’s own or other body or Yoni, connecting more intimately with one’s inner sexual life force and creative potential, and finding more pleasure in sex.

The practice itself can be done in many different positions and postures; seated, lying down, kneeling, cross-legged, legs spread apart, and so on. Usually, a Yoni Gazing session will take about half an hour. It goes perhaps without saying that this is a practice done in the privacy of one’s own space, or in that of a dedicated Yoni Gazing group setting.

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