Anal De-Armoring | Technique to Release Fear, Shame, Guilt, and Sexual Trauma

Published: Apr 8, 2024
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Within Body De-Armoring practices (also called Somatic De-Armoring), Anal De-Armoring can be an important means to release emotions of fear, shame, and guilt held by the anus and anal canal, which are often related to sexual issues and sexual trauma.

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If the anus and anal canal are armored they will typically be narrow and tight, numb, or extremely sensitive to the touch.

Notably in Tantric De-Armoring practices, the anal region is considered an important location of Kundalini Energy throughput (i.e. awakening), related to the free flow of sexual energy, being able to experience more pleasure in sexual activity, and a means to spiritual awakening.

For men, it’s actually key to first De-Armor the anus and anal canal before starting with Prostate De-Armoring. As it is, internal Prostate De-Armoring is carried out by entering the anal canal and rectum in order to reach the prostate gland. One can imagine that an overly sensitive, tensed, constricted and armored anal canal will certainly not help to do an effective De-Armoring of the prostate.

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For women, the above is also applicable in the case of internal Womb De-Armoring via the anal canal and rectum, or (parts of) Pelvic De-Armoring carried out through the anal canal.

In fact, it’s also advised to first De-Armor or massage the possibly tight buttocks and perineum (which is external work), because those may hold a lot tension and associated emotions.

Apart from emotional and trauma release, it’s thought that Anal De-Armoring may alleviate or cure Premature Ejaculation (PE), relax the pelvic floor region, enhance sexual pleasure, and promote full body orgasms.

Technically, Anal De-Armoring can be done with the fingers, but sex toys such as the Yoni Wand, Prostate Massagers, or dildos may also be used.

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