The Yoni Wand | Self-Love, De-Armoring & Self-Pleasure

Published | Updated May 28, 2020

The Yoni Wand

Yoni Wands, sometimes also called Pleasure Wands, are phallic-shaped crystal tools (or other gemstones) designed with the idea to transcend the masturbation practice into a more self-loving, de-armoring, and self-pleasure practice.

The Yoni Wand, unlike the classic automatic vibrator (or dildo), doesn’t “vibrate,” it’s a manual tool. Some advise to soak the Wand in hot water before using it to heighten the sensation of pleasure. By the way, the Wand is certainly not for self-use only, it can be used together with a partner.

Each Yoni Wand is different depending of the radiation of the stones i.e. crystals used. They’re applied for massage, internally and externally, and also for so-called Yoni Mapping.

As crystal Wands are not from plastic, rubber, silicon or latex, they are seen as more natural, more organic and more safe having no toxic materials. On the other hand, women need to be careful with their Wand, because ruptures and little porous holes can become a source of fungi and bacteria. Careful checks and cleansing is advised.

To clean a Wand one can simply rinse it with warm water, and use a bit of PH balanced soap, vinegar or a tiny bit of lavender essential oil to rub over the wand and disinfect it.

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