Vaginal Weightlifting and Resistance Training with the Yoni Egg

Published: Sep 28, 2021 | Revised: Jun 24, 2022
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Vaginal Weightlifting and Resistance Training with the Yoni Egg

The simplest form or resistance training with a Yoni Egg is done by pulling the string that is attached to a drilled egg. The idea is to give light tugs to the string i.e. Yoni Egg while doing Pelvic Floor Muscles Exercises, such as Kegel Exercises. The tugs need to be carried out in the “squeeze and contraction phase” of the exercises.

Tugging gives resistance, and “forces” the vaginal muscles to squeeze harder to not let the egg slip out. The idea is to intensify and enhance the “muscle work,” which strengthens the pelvic floor, with all health benefits that come with it.

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Another form of resistance training is to add extra weight to the Yoni Egg. This is usually called Vaginal Weightlifting. This also, can only be carried out with a drilled Yoni Egg, which is done by attaching objects of different weights to the end of the Yoni Egg’s string (the part of the string that stays outside the vagina).

It’s not advised to immediately start weightlifting with a heavy object, but rather with something that has about the same weight as a Yoni Egg. Over time, when your vaginal muscles are used to the exercise, you can increase “the load” bit by bit.

Perhaps a more obvious way of working with extra weight is to use a heavier i.e. larger Yoni Egg. This, of course, doesn’t need to be a drilled egg. Then again, there are limits to the maximum weight Yoni Eggs have. Moreover, it can also be that you rather work with a smaller egg; in that case it will simply not do using a large Yoni Egg.

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