Yoni Yoga

Published | Updated July 25, 2020
Yoni Yoga
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Yoni Yoga is a Neo-Tantric notion with the idea to connect physical, mental and spiritual exercises in order to channel energy of the Yoni through one’s total being — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Yoni Yoga, which can be done with or without a Yoni Egg (although typically a Yoni Egg will be used), applies physical techniques that focus on the pelvic floor muscles combined with meditative breathwork, massage, stretches, mindfulness, womb meditation, dance, sound and voice therapy, and what not.

In fact, the poses used are existing Indian Yoga Asanas (postures), but then those that specifically benefit Yonic energy and pelvic floor strengthening or, by contrast, relaxation. Moreover, any style of Yoga can be used.

The modality is also used to strengthen, heal and stimulate a healthy uterus, while connecting with feminine energy. Moreover, it serves as a tool to come to profound emotional release by breaking through blockages in both body and mind.

Yoni Yoga can be done at any stage, menstruating or not, menopause, and during pregnancy and afterbirth, alone or in-class with a group.

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