Yoga Exercises for the Yoni | Worshiping, Asanas, Mudras, Mantras, and Pranayama

Published: Mar 12, 2021 | Revised: Jan 26, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Yoga Exercises for the Yoni | Asanas, Mudras, Mantras, and Pranayama

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice of movement and breathing and well-known around the world. There are many types of Yoga, with many different aims, but in this post we will not cover those. Instead, we’re going to talk about what Yoga can offer when it comes to questions relating to a woman’s Yoni, that is, to her sexuality in general and genital organs in particular.

In fact, it all comes down to carrying out certain breathing techniques, a range of Yogic practices, and Yoga poses i.e. Yoga Asanas. Different poses and exercises have different effects and results, and there are exercises to alleviate or cure a variety of sexual health issues and sexual dysfunctions, but also exercises that support a woman’s fertility, pregnancy and the postpartum period.

So, let’s take a look at some topics. By the way, this is certainly not an all-inclusive discussion (but just some examples) of what Yoga can offer with regard to one’ sexuality.

Yoni Worshiping and Honoring

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Yoga may be used to “honor” and “worship” the Yoni, that is, carrying out devotional activities that embrace and awaken female Shakti energy, strength and power. This can be done by, for instance, using Yogic Asanas, pujas, mantras, meditation, bandhas, and mudras.

Examples of some well-known practices are Yoni Yoga, Womb Meditation, and the Yoni Mudra.

In any case, there’s an explicit goal here of reconnecting with one’s sacred womanhood, often done in conjunction with emotional and sexual dearmoring practices.

Fertility Yoga

Fertility Yoga is aimed at creating optimal health throughout the body, reviving libido, awaken sexual energy, and optimize or heal the reproductive system.

The practice usually consists of a slow flow with the focus on restorative postures reducing stress and anxiety and encouraging deep relaxation.

Some poses recommended are Bridge Poses, Reclining Bound Angle (Supta Baddha Konasana), Warrior Poses, Shavasana (Corpse Pose), and the Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana), among other poses.

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga during the pregnancy period is a rather well-known activity and practiced all around the world. These are mainly exercises that keep the body in shape and supply it with energy, relieve and strengthen the back, legs and pelvic floor muscles, but also breathing exercises preparing the mother for childbirth.

Postpartum Yoga

The body of the mother after childbirth needs replenishment. Most women are exhausted and need lots of rest. In Asia, normally, no exercises are done during the confinement period, but after that, of course, exercises can be very beneficial to support returning back to the pre-pregnancy state of the body.

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Yoga can help loosen tight muscles, release tension, calm the nerves, and replenish and rebuild pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.

Some poses recommended are Child’s Pose, Navasana Pose, Warrior Poses, Locust Pose, Camel Pose, Rabbit Pose, and Bridge Poses.

On the other hand, it’s recommended to avoid certain Yoga poses in the afterbirth period while one is still recovering. Think of the Cobra Pose, Spinal Twists, Malasana Pose, Cat and Cow Poses, Bow Pose, Splits, Inversions (like the shoulder stand).

A word of advice: before starting with Yoga during pregnancy or after childbirth, first get a medical okay from a physician and a competent Yoga Pregnancy and Postpartum teacher.

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