Yoni Massage and Losing Your Virginity

Published: Jun 26, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

Yoni Massage and Losing Your Virginity

Some women would love to have a Yoni Massage, but hesitate doing so because they fear they may lose their virginity.

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That is, women may fear tearing or breaking the hymen, and as such not being able to pass a “virginity test,” or said differently — one perhaps wouldn’t be considered a virgin any longer, which — in certain cultures, families, or societies — could have very nasty consequences.

The so-called classic virginity test is typically about checking for the presence of an intact hymen — being a thin piece of tissue that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening — of which it’s often thought that it can only be ripped or torn due to penetrative, sexual intercourse. This “test” is still done in a variety of cultures that require proof of a woman’s virginity before her marriage.

Nevertheless, tearing the hymen is always a possibility, even without sexual penetration. In fact, the hymen can tear as a result of various causes, such as the use of tampons or menstrual cups, pelvic examinations, insertion of fingers or objects into the vagina, certain gymnastics exercises, or horseback riding, among other things. As such, yes, the hymen could get torn by a Yoni Massage.

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In the case of having a Yoni Massage, one could avoid the risks of tearing the hymen by asking the Yoni Massage therapist to do very little, very gentle, or no internal vaginal work at all. Mind also that minor tears to the hymen may restore on their own.

One could argue that not working internally with the vagina would not be a Yoni Massage. But one should consider that a Tantric Yoni Massage is much more than working with the actual genitals.

Yoni Massage is a full body Tantra Massage and about moving and liberating sexual energy, releasing sexual trauma, promoting self-appreciation and self-worth, and honoring one’s complete, living and sacred womanhood.

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