Yoni Massage | Preparing for a Treatment Session

Published: Nov 18, 2021
Edited by: Team TB

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Having a Yoni Massage is not like having just any other massage; apart from choosing the right Yoni Massage therapist, it needs proper mental and physical preparation.

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Yoni Massage includes massage of the abdominal and pelvic area, internal massage of the vaginal area, and sometimes also internal massage in/through the rectal area.

It’s advised not to eat at least two to three hours before a session. If possible, it’s also better to empty the bowels beforehand.

Make time for a session. That is, simply reserve the whole day if possible. A thorough Yoni Massage session can take from two to up to six hours. You will also need to go to the studio or place of the therapist (although a therapist may come to you also), which takes time.

Afterwards you’ll need time to go home and rest. Relaxing after a session is important to let body and mind calm down, digest, and recover.

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Make sure you’re clean and fresh. Take a shower or bath beforehand. Take those things with you that you think you may want to use: a towel, a bottle of water, a refreshener, a disinfector, clean clothes, or whatever it is you think you would want at some point during your visit.

The session itself will always first start with a thorough introduction. That is, the practitioner will talk to you at least half an hour to an hour before actually starting the Yoni Massage session. Knowing what you need and want (or not need or not want) and knowing what you can handle physically and emotionally is very important. Besides that, one needs to get used to one another and feel a connection and trust.

Don’t hesitate to leave if something doesn’t feel good. Just pay and leave; that’s much better than going through a disturbing or even traumatic massage experience.

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