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Published: Sep 27, 2021 | Revised: Apr 23, 2024
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Yoni Eggs

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A clean and safe Yoni Egg is extremely important to prevent infections and injuries. You should clean and check your egg each time before and also immediately after using it.

There are different types of advice in the market out there and we will discuss some of those. In any case, always follow the cleaning and safety instructions given to you by your Yoni Egg provider.

Yoni Egg Cleansing

Some providers say that you only need to bathe your egg in hot water (preferably boiled before and cooled down for a while afterwards) without the use of aggressive soaps, alcohol, or detergent. However, it’s generally agreed on that natural soaps may be used. You will also find special Yoni Egg cleansers for sale.

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Typically, it’s advised to leave the egg soaking in hot water for about ten to fifteen minutes, subsequently wiping it dry with sterile cotton gauze, and letting it air-dry for about thirty minutes to an hour afterwards. You will also find recommendations to clean the egg with diluted vinegar, baking soda, lemon, salt water, and cleansing drops.

Other providers advise to boil the egg (although this advice is given rarely), but it really depends on the type of gemstone if you can actually do that. Some eggs will get damaged, but others (sometimes also depending on how long you cook them) will stay intact. Of course, boiling is the best way to get rid of pathogens, but yeah… your egg may crack.

Mind that drilled Yoni Eggs are harder to clean than undrilled eggs because of the hole in it. You can clean the canal (hole) by running hot water through it, and soak the egg in a mixture of water and, for instance, Tea Tree or Lavender oil. To extra clean and dry the drilled egg, you can also use a pipe-cleaner to rub through the hole.

Mind that we’ve only talked about physically cleaning the egg, but there’s also the aspect of “energetically cleaning” it. Although this aspect is deemed very important also, it’s quite another story, and we’ll not go into that in this post.

Checking the Egg

It’s advised to always regularly inspect (before and after use) your egg on outer cracks (cracks you can feel with your fingers), peels, and chips, notably when the egg has fallen on the floor.

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It’s not advised to use a Yoni Egg that has chips, peels, or outer cracks and fissures, because it can damage you internally. Do mind that inner cracks of gemstones, for instance, of Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs, are quite normal. As long as you don’t feel them with the finger that’s okay, but do check regularly if the inner crack doesn’t evolve to also becoming an outer crack.

It is also possible that gemstone eggs have shallow surface level indentations. These are natural, and if they are not sharp and clean easily, there’s nothing to worry about.

Freezing a gemstone before use can make it crack when it suddenly comes into contact with internal body heat. Heating a cold egg before use should be done with moderately warm or lukewarm water, not in boiling water.

Yoni Egg Storage

It’s important to store your Yoni Egg well when not using it, in a special place or box, to keep it as clean as possible and to prevent damage.

Yoni Egg providers often offer some kind of “Yoni Egg Storage Box” to keep your eggs in. These boxes are typically cushioned, can be closed well, and protect against outer light sources. Then again, some boxes come with a little window, so that the egg can catch sun or moonlight, for instance if you want to “charge and energize” the Yoni Egg.

A good, strong storage facility is of special importance if you travel a lot with your egg.

It’s also thought you should store the Yoni Egg in a “nice place” (such as a special honoring space or altar), in order to avoid that the egg will absorb “bad energies.” Of course, if negative energies have been absorbed by the egg despite of your protection measures, you can always clean the egg energetically.

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