How to Discharge and Recharge your Yoni Egg?

Published: Oct 4, 2021 | Revised: Feb 15, 2023
Written by: Marce Ferreira

How to Discharge and Recharge your Yoni Egg?

Apart from cleaning a Yoni Egg physically, there’s also the question of energetic cleansing. It’s thought that gemstones can get energetically “polluted,” and as such they also need a cleaning or “discharge” for that aspect.

Below we describe some ways of discharging your Yoni Egg (or Jade Egg), followed by some techniques to recharge the egg with beneficial energies.

Discharging a Yoni Egg

  • Placing the Yoni Egg in a bowl of sea salt overnight;
  • Washing the egg in salt water, in a river or ocean;
  • Cleaning it with special Yoni Egg cleansing drops;
  • Smudging the egg by burning sage, cedar, palo santo (bursera graveolens) or sweet grass;
  • Digging a hole into the ground and leave the egg in it for a few days or even weeks (this will discharge, but also recharge the egg);
  • Placing the egg near your favorite plant, overnight or for a couple of hours;
  • Placing it near other gemstones that can discharge the egg.

Recharging a Yoni Egg

  • Apply a full moon ritual by placing the egg into the light of the moon;
  • Place the egg for a couple of hours directly in sunlight;
  • Place it near other gemstones that can recharge the egg;
  • Do Reiki on the Yoni Egg;
  • Meditate with the Yoni Egg and send positive intentions to it.

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