Abdominal Massage and Improving Sexual Performance

Published: Jun 8, 2022 | Revised: Jan 24, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Abdominal Massage and Sexual Performance

One of the reasons to apply abdominal massages is to resolve fertility health issues, which is an import part of our sexuality, but that’s not what we’re about to discuss in this post.

When we talk about “sexual performance” we usually more explicitly aim at conditions such as impotence (erectile dysfunction), low libido, pain during intercourse, vaginismus, orgasmic disorders, virility, and so on. In fact, we talk about those dysfunctions that make a healthy and pleasant sexual relationship (not immediately related to fertility) difficult, or even impossible.

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Some of these sexual health issues have a physical cause, such as past surgery, a genetic disposition, an inborn physical disability, a previous accident, diabetes, or childbirth complications, but other issues may have an underlying emotional cause, such as stress, sexual trauma, and anxiety.

In many traditional healing systems, the abdomen or belly (sometimes also called hara) is considered a bodily area that stores and guides our emotions (the so-called “second brain”). As such, Abdominal Massage may be applied to help people with trauma release by purging unresolved emotions and their accompanying tensions in order to restore a healthy sexual performance.

On a pure physical level, Abdominal Massage may, for instance, diminish scar tissue or connective tissue adhesions, reactivate nervous function, and/or stimulate the circulatory system, subsequently restoring a healthy response, mobility, and blood supply of the genital organs, which in its turn can resolve issues like erectile dysfunction or orgasmic disorders.

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