Sexual Stamina, Virility, and Manhood

Published: Feb 9, 2022
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Sexual Stamina, Virility, and Manhood

In this post we take a look at the meaning of sexual stamina and virility in relation to manhood and male enhancement.

Sexual Stamina

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Sexual stamina, sometimes also called sexual performance, refers to “sexual endurance in bed,” that is, the ability to exert oneself sexually and remain sexually active (during a “sex session”) for a longer period of time.

Male sexual stamina can be influenced negatively by a variety of factors, such as age, illness, prostate problems, ejaculatory disorders, physical fitness, self-confidence, cardiovascular health, stress, low testosterone, relationship problems, eating and sleeping habits, a weak pelvic floor, among other issues.

In fact, strong sexual stamina is generally seen as desirable, and men often aim at improving, adjusting, or compensating the weakening factors mentioned above in order to increase sexual performance.


The word virility is derived from the Latin virilitas, which means “man,” “manly,” “worthy of a man,” or “manhood.” The Latin word virilitas itself is derived from the Latin root-word vir, which means “man” or “hero.”

Today, virility refers to a variety of masculine characteristics that are seen as positive and desirable, features that notably focus on a man’s sexuality, which sets the meaning of virility slightly apart from masculinity.

Typical characteristics of a “virile man” are vigor, sexual health and potency, sturdiness, energy, a strong sex drive (libido), fertility (good semen volume, sperm motility, and sperm morphology), and having a strong constitution.

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