Penis Pump for Penis Enlargement | Goals, Benefits, and Risks

Published: Jan 19, 2022 | Revised: Jan 24, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Penis Pump and Male Enhancement | Goals, Benefits, and Risks

A penis pump, also called vacuum pump or Vacuum Erection Device (VED), is a Male Enhancement device used to temporarily enlarge and harden the penis. Through suction it’s effective in drawing blood into the penis, which typically enlarges the diameter of the penis’ shaft (girth size). It may also (temporarily) produce a penis that’s somewhat larger in length than without using a pump. Do mind that the VED is not a device for structural, enduring penis enlargement.

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The pump can be applied for medical reasons, but also for fun, pleasure, or a fetish. Nevertheless, it’s essentially used to create a (better) erection for those who cannot have (a full) erection or for those who cannot keep an erection long enough to have sex. As such the VED device is a remedy for Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

A penis pump device is usually a plastic tube that can be put over the penis. It has a pump attached to the tube — which can be activated by hand or electronically — to pull/pump blood into the penis. After the penis is erect one removes the tube and pump. The device also comes with a strap that fits around the base of the penis (a so-called constriction ring or cock ring) to keep the penis erect once it’s enlarged i.e. erect.

An erection created through a penis pump lasts about thirty minutes, which is usually long enough to have sex. Nevertheless, it’s not advised to leave the contraction ring longer than thirty minutes around the penis, because this can cause too much blood flow restriction, which in its turn may damage the penis. In any case, if used properly, a penis pump can be used safely, several times per day.

Penis pumps can be bought as over-the-counter products, but those devices may not be completely safe or effective. To be sure of safety and efficacy it’s better to acquire one through prescription from a physician, which has the additional advantage that the doctor will do a medical check-up to make sure a penis pump can be applied safely.

Benefits of Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are relatively cheap and easy to use, they can be applied alongside other treatments (such as penile implants or medication), and they are in most cases effective in creating erections long enough to have sex.

It’s a noninvasive device, and using it has fewer risks, side effects or complications than other treatments, such as surgery or medication.

A penis pump is also used as a rehabilitation or restorative device, that is, it can help restore one’s ability to get a natural erection after, for instance, prostate surgery or radiation therapies for prostate cancer.

Risks of Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are generally safe if used as intended and if they are from an approved provider or manufacturer.

Nevertheless, as with many activities and/or the use of mechanical or electronic devices, there are always some risks to take into account

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A commonly known risk of a penis pump is that it can create too much vacuum-induced pressure, which can damage penis tissue or can even cause increased Erectile Dysfunction. As such it’s advised to only use a pump that comes with a vacuum limiter in order to keep pressure within safe boundaries.

Additionally, there’s a higher risk of bleeding if someone takes blood-thinning medications or has certain blood disorders, which by contrast may cause blood clots. Because of bleeding one can also notice bruising, red dots, or a bluish color under the skin of the penis’ shaft.

Other unpleasant consequences of penis pump use may be numbness, pressure, tension, “instability” of the penis, a feeling of “trapped” semen, scar tissue, nerve damage, coldness, and/or pain of the shaft or pain during ejaculation.

In exceptional cases using the pump can cause priapism, a term for a persistent, long lasting erection, which sometimes can be painful. If an erection lasts for more than four hours (without sexual stimulation) it’s considered a health risk because of blood residing in the penis that is low of oxygen.

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