Ejaculatory Control in Men | Practical, Sexual, and Spiritual Goals

Published: May 11, 2024
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When we think of ejaculatory control (or ejaculation control) in males, it’s mostly associated with a man’s conscious ability to not ejaculate or perhaps better said — his ability to ejaculate at the moment he wants to. In fact, ejaculatory control is usually connected to avoiding or counteracting premature ejaculation (also called early ejaculation).

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The most common reasons for wanting to postpone (or even entirely avoid) ejaculation include prolonging sexual pleasure for oneself and/or for a sexual partner, semen retention practices for physical, energetic, emotional/mental and/or spiritual health benefits, Tantric and Taoist energetic and spiritual practices, experiencing multiple non-ejaculatory full body orgasms, and/or avoiding possible pregnancy (if sexual intercourse takes place with a women).

Nevertheless, there are also men who cannot ejaculate but want to ejaculate. An ejaculation may be desired because of a child wish, or it may be because penile ejaculation is the only (known) way to experiencing a sexual orgasm i.e. penile orgasm.

Again others may be able to ejaculate but it takes too much time, which is typically called delayed ejaculation. This can give quite some dissatisfaction and frustration (and/or physical pains) for the man involved and, if applicable, maybe also for his sexual partner.

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Another issue with ejaculation is that it may be very weak, infrequent, or very little. This may not only give rise to potential fertility issues, it may also obstruct experiencing a sexually satisfactory orgasm.

Ejaculation issues, might they be early ejaculation, delayed, infrequent, or unsatisfactory may cause other sexual problems. That is, frustration, guilt, or shame may trigger low sex drive (low libido) or even erectile dysfunction.

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