What Is a Male Full Body Orgasm?

Published: Sep 10, 2022
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What Is a Male Full Body Orgasm?

Male Full Body Orgasms are typically associated with internal, non-ejaculatory, energetic orgasms that extend across the entire body, instead of only being localized in the genitalia, such as is the case with penile orgasms. Mind, however, that not ejaculating isn’t a strict requirement; a Full Body orgasm may also include an ejaculation.

At any rate, it’s thought that non-ejaculatory, Full Body Orgasms are less prone to cause fatigue and loss of vitality during sexual intercourse (or solo-masturbation). By contrast, they are thought to promote overall physical and mental health, self-confidence, self-control, energy, mood, virility, and stamina, apart from increasing sexual pleasure.

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One of the core ideas behind achieving a Full Body Orgasm is to retain semen, that is, to keep sexual energy in the body to subsequently distribute that energy through the entire body and transform it into other “essences” and higher forms of energy, which are thought to be crucial for overall health, longevity, and spiritual attainment.

There are a variety of techniques involved here, typically the same types of techniques that are also practiced for Semen Retention; think of Breathwork, Pelvic Floor Exercises, Edging, the Stop-Start Technique, Prostate Massage, the Frenulum Squeeze, the Perineal Press, among a range of others.

In general, Full Body Orgasms are described as being stronger, more intense, more pleasurable, with a longer duration, and more widespread through the body. Some accounts state that they feel like multiple, continuous waves of orgasms felt through the whole body, which cause the entire body to shudder. Moreover, Full Body Orgasms are also linked to the idea Multi-Orgasmic states.

Durations of a Full Body Orgasm range from “a bit longer” to “several minutes longer” than traditional ejaculatory orgasms, aside from descriptions like “total bliss,” “heavenly,” “timeless,” “transcendental,” and “completely revitalized,” among other superlatives.

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