Prostate Massage Tools and Devices | Prostate Massager

Published: Aug 1, 2021 | Revised: Apr 19, 2024
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Prostate Massage Tools and Devices | Prostate Massagers

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In this post, we take a look at the various tools and devices available to apply a Prostate Massage. These tools are also called prostate massagers.

Note: the hands and fingers are the most commonly used tools to give a Prostate Massage, but they are rarely called prostate massagers. The term is rather used for extra appliances, such as butt plugs, prostate dildos, and such. Nevertheless, for the sake of completeness we’ll also discuss the hands and fingers.

Fingers and Hands

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Inserting a finger in the anus and further on in the rectum to reach the prostate is perhaps the best known technique to perform an internal Prostate Massage. Typically, either the index finger or the middle finger is used.

An internal Prostate Massage using the fingers can be done by you, by a partner, or by a professional therapist.

The fingers and the palm of hands may also be used to give an external Prostate Massage, typically applied on the perineum or on the lower abdominal area.

In Asian massage traditions, practitioners may also use the elbows and/or heel of the feet to give an external Prostate Massage.

Butt Plugs

Butt Plug

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Butt plugs — also called anal plugs — are cone-shaped sex toys used to be inserted into the rectum for sexual pleasure. They look like dildos, but are usually shorter and have flared ends to prevent the plug the get lost inside the rectum.

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There are a great variety of butt plugs to be found, differing, for instance, in shape, length, material, diameter, texture, and function. Some types are specifically designed to massage the prostate.

They can be used for sexual activity only, but also be worn continuously, for long periods of time. Apart from manual butt plugs one can also obtain electronic butt plugs that vibrate.

Some men prefer butt plugs over dildos because plugs can get inserted and left to their own while the hands stay free to do other things, such as masturbate.

As counts for all anal penetration activities, plenty of lubricant and slow, gentle penetration is advised to avoid damage of the rectal area.

Prostate Dildos

Prostate Dildo

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Dildos are devices designed for sexual penetration of the vagina, mouth, or anus, and they typically have a phallic shape.

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Prostate dildos are very much like the well-known vaginal dildos, but they are generally more curved, slimmer and softer. The latest models typically include an integrated testicles or perineum stimulator.

Some prostate dildos are electronic and have a vibrating “head,” of which the speed and intensity can be varied.

Like butt plugs, dildos can come in a great variety of sizes, diameters, materials, textures and designs. They may also have a flared-up end to prevent them from being lost inside the rectum.

Prostate Cradle

Prostate Cradle

© Image by Prostate Cradle

The prostate cradle is a device intended to used for external prostate massages. It stimulates acupressure points on the male perineum just by sitting on it, and it’s claimed to yield all the benefits of classic internal Prostate Massage.

One can use the prostate cradle while sitting on a chair doing regular tasks, such as working at a computer, or by sitting on it in bed. It even works with light clothing on.

Prostate Warmer

Prostate Warmer

© Image by Ryan Somma

The device shown above is an antique prostate warmer, not in use any longer, but still interesting to see. It was invented in 1918, and this “warmer” (now to be found in museums) promised to “stimulate the abdominal brain.”

The prostate warmer consisted of a 4.25 inch probe which was plugged into the wall and then inserted into the rectum. When plugged in, a blue light bulb lit up to tell you it was working to restore your manly vitality.

Quaintness apart, prostate warmers are still in use though, but then as an external, heated pack in a belt, wrapped around the lower abdomen. The idea behind warming the prostate is to stimulate blood and lymph circulation in and around the prostate, which is seen as beneficial for its functioning.

Anal Intercourse

Anal intercourse is also called anal sex, and what is usually meant by it is the insertion and thrusting of the erect penis into the anus and rectum of another person with an aim of sexual pleasure.

Nevertheless, the fingers and sex toys can also be used for anal penetration, which is then likewise called anal intercourse.

Men may feel pleasure from anal sex because of the stimulation of the anal nerve endings, and orgasms may be achieved because of the stimulation of the prostate gland.

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