Prostate Massager | Types, Risks, and Benefits Explained

Published: Jan 13, 2022
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Prostate Massager

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A prostate massager is a tool, a so-called sex toy, used to stimulate the (male) prostate gland. Although Prostate Massage is usually associated with fun and sexual pleasure, it’s also applied for health benefits, that is, for healing purposes.

Prostate Massager Benefits

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Massaging the prostate is a form of masturbation, and it can be done by yourself or by another person for you. As for sexual purposes, that is, sexual pleasure and fun, a prostate massager is typically used to achieve sexual arousal, experience more intense penile orgasms, to achieve a full-body prostate orgasm, to enhance an erection, or to relax the rectum in advance of anal sex.

As for healing purposes a prostate massager is used for emotional and sexual trauma healing, to cure or alleviate prostate inflammations, low libido, erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, urinary tract infections, incontinence, benign prostate enlargement, or to get relief from pressure on the adjacent urinary tract.

The prostate can be massaged internally (via the rectum) and externally (via the perineum or via the lower abdominal area). As such, you will find prostate massagers that are either suitable for internal or for external massage, although some can simultaneously stimulate the prostate internally and externally.

Internal Prostate Massager

The majority of modern prostate massagers for internal (anal) use can vibrate electronically. Nevertheless, it’s certainly not a “must” to use an automatically vibrating massager.

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Prostate massagers are also called prostate dildos or prostate vibrators, and they all have more or less the same base shape. Nevertheless, they come in various lengths, diameters, materials, and textures, with and without “waves, ripples and bumps,” and some can go deeper inside than others.

Some massagers also come with an additional part (or “arm”) attached to the main part (the part that goes into the rectum) to simultaneously stimulate the testicles and/or the perineum for a heightened pleasure experience.

As for the materials used, there are some options on the market, such as prostate massage toys made of silicone (which can be soft or firm), glass, porcelain, or metal (such as of stainless steel).

Electronic prostate massager toys typically have a vibrating “head,” which can be regulated for the desired speed and intensity, manually or via remote control. Some prostate massagers are even enabled to be manipulated remote via apps through the Internet.

Additionally, one can also use so-called butt plugs to massage the prostate internally, that is, if they are long enough i.e. suitable to reach the prostate gland. Another option is to use anal beads.

External Prostate Massager

Prostate massager tools for external prostate massage typically stimulate the perineum (that is, the area between the anus and the testicles).

One of the tools used for external prostate massage is the prostate cradle. It stimulates the male perineum just by sitting on it, naked or with light clothing on.

You can also find a range of electronic massagers that are specialized in stimulating the perineum, the so-called perineum vibrators. Most of those, however, come integrated with an internal prostate gland vibrator.

Prostate Massager Risks

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The material of the prostate massager should be non-porous, body-safe, and easy to clean in order to reduce the chance of bacterial infections.

To prevent internal damage always precisely follow the instructions that come with a prostate massager. Applying lots of lubricant (so-called lube) for an internal, anal prostate massage is advised.

It goes perhaps without saying that it’s of prime importance to keep a prostate massager clean; clean your tool before and after use.

Whatever precautions taken, there are some risks involved in massaging the prostate such as:

  • it can cause acute prostatitis getting worse and spread the infection;
  • increased risks of bacterial infections and inflammations in the rectum or of the prostate;
  • pain or soreness in the rectal area or around the prostate;
  • bleeding around the prostate;
  • cellulitis (a serious skin infection);
  • flare-ups of hemorrhoids (piles);
  • spreading of prostate cancer (if already present);
  • damage, cuts, tears, fissures, bleeding, and abrasions of the anus and/or the rectum i.e. rectal lining.

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