Anal Beads | Heightened Sexual Pleasure and More Intense Orgasms

Published: Jul 9, 2022 | Updated: Jul 19, 2022
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Anal Beads | Heightened Sexual Pleasure and More Intense Orgasms

© Image from Gwen Mamanoleas

Anal Beads are sex toys that consist of multiple balls or sphere-formed materials attached together one after the other to a kind of chain or string. Actually, Anal Beads devices look a look like Ben Wa Balls, but then simply with “more balls.”

They are used for anal play and sexual pleasure by repeatedly inserting them via the anus into the rectum, and then removing them with varying speeds. The many nerve endings of the anal sphincter supply pleasurable feelings, sexual arousal, or even orgasms (or more intense orgasms) during insertion and removal of the beads. Some people also use them for Prostate Massage.

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The individual beads can come in many sizes, to be bought depending on the desired effects. Sizes of the single beads may vary from 25 mm to 125 mm in diameter, and can be made from silicone, glass, plastic, rubber, latex, or metal. Today, some anal beads come with in-built vibration technology.

Depending on the type of bead string or bead chain, the beads need to be inserted one by one, or — in more rigid string versions — can be inserted as a whole, in one movement. The anal beads, the anus, and rectum should be well-lubricated before use to prevent anal or rectal injury.

Anal Beads toys typically end with a kind of ring or loop to be able to pull the beads out of the rectum, but also to prevent the bead-string to “get lost” in the anal canal.

Another safety concern is not to use them in the vagina after having used them in the rectum (or share them with another person), because of feces and the accompanying bacteria that can get attached to the string itself and can cause infections, that is, if the string is made from porous material.

In any case, if the string itself is made from non-porous material the anal beads toy should be washed thoroughly before sharing it or inserting it in the vagina after rectal use.

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