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Published: Jun 21, 2022
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The perineum is the space between the anus and scrotum for men and between the anus and the vulva for women. It’s a body part rich of nerve endings, very sensitive, and pleasurable when manipulated. It’s also the area to massage the male prostate externally.

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In the perineum area, you’ll find the external G-Spot for men (the P-Spot). The internal G-Spot is the prostate itself. In fact, the perineum contains an important acupressure point which can be pressed and massaged with the pad of a finger or with a sex toy. It’s located between the scrotum and anus.

Apart from giving pleasurable feelings when pressed, it’s also the point that can be used to control male ejaculations. This is done by pressing it strongly just before the moment of ejaculation arrives.

Today, you’ll find more and more sex toys that include features that can be used to massage or stimulate the perineum, both for men and women. Nevertheless, one can also simply use a dildo, wand, or vibrator to stimulate the perineum.

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