Self Prostate Massage Guide | How to Do it Yourself

Published: Aug 5, 2021 | Revised: Jan 20, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Self Prostate Massage Guide | How to Do it Yourself

In this post, we take a look at how to safely carry out an internal and external Prostate Massage yourself.

Please read the paragraph Precautions and Risks in our post Prostate Massage | Health Benefits and Risks before doing a Prostate Massage (on) yourself.

Table of contents:

Giving Yourself an Internal Prostate Massage

Performing an internal Prostate Massage by yourself (or with a partner doing it for you) can be carried out with the fingers or with a prostate massager device (electronic or non-electronic).

The idea is to gently insert a finger (usually the index finger or the middle finger) or a prostate massage device into the rectum and get as close as possible to the prostate gland.

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Apart from gentleness and proper hygiene it’s always advised to take some time to relax the anus before entering the rectum. This will avoid pain or unpleasant feelings when finally entering. Relaxation can be done by gently and in a circular way massaging the anus (rosebud) with plenty of suitable lubricant, or for instance with Castor Oil, while softly already making entering movements.

An additional way to fully relax is to take a warm bath or Sitzbath before starting, in order to relax not only the anus and perineum, but the complete abdominal and pelvic area. Emptying the bowels and the urinary bladder before the massage is also advised.

The position to be massaged in is ideally with the knees bent up, either in sitting or lying position. You may place a towel under you for cleanliness. Keep in mind that regardless of the type of Prostate Massage you choose it can take a while before you really fully enjoy it and/or notice the health and/or sexual benefits you’re aiming at.

Massaging the Prostate with a Finger

Start with gently circling the anus with the pad of the finger. As said, use plenty of lubricant. This can already give very pleasurable feelings due to the many nerve endings around the anus.

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When the anus is relaxed, slowly increase pressure and let the finger slide in with the pad of the finger facing forward, that is, to the front of the body.

As you’re inside, relax, leave the finger where it is, and breathe calmly. When you’re ready, gently move on more inside. Squeezing and relaxing the anal sphincter muscles repeatedly can help to make this easier. Go further upward in the direction of the navel until you feel that the prostate is reached.

When you’ve reached the prostate, gently move your finger forwards and backwards and/or repeatedly press very gently on the prostate for a few seconds and release. You can combine this with anal sphincter squeezes and Kegel exercises for more effect.

After a while, you may see some fluid coming out of the penis, although this is certainly not a must. Additionally, a penile erection may occur or not, but it’s of no importance if it does or doesn’t. After massaging the prostate five to ten minutes (or perhaps less if it’s the first time), gently take out your finger.

That’s it.

Massaging the Prostate with a Device

It’s generally thought that using Prostate Massage tools or devices can/may be safer than the fingers because of their maximum reach and because of hygiene.

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Depending on the device (there are many variations) one can also access more contact points internally and simultaneously, and also at the same time externally with for instance the special perineum-pads that come with certain devices.

Other devices may be electronic and vibrate, or may be able to give more or less pressure, or vibrate faster. Generally, the use of devices gives results quicker and better (for instance, more prostatic fluid excretion).

Using a device goes much the same as using the fingers, notably in the beginning of the session, that is, the part of preparation, anal relaxation, body position, gentleness, breathing, etc.

After the device is inserted and the prostate is reached, you can use contraction and relaxation of the anal sphincter to let the prostate massager move up and down.

In any case, always read the manual of a specific device, both for safety and functional reasons. Every device is different as for design and function, and it goes too far here to describe in this post all the possible options prostate massagers come in these days.

Giving Yourself an External Prostate Massage

An external Prostate Massage can be done in basically two ways: by massaging the perineum (the external male G-Spot) or by massaging the lower abdominal area (between the pubic bone and the navel).

You would typically use the fingers or the hands to apply the massage, or in case of massaging the perineum, you may also choose to use a device i.e. prostate massager, either non-electronic or electronic.

A classic do-it-yourself external Prostate Massage applied over the abdomen is described in the Taoist Deer Exercise. In fact, there are a range of Abdominal Self-Massage treatments to be found, some of those specifically for the prostate.

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